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and by the way, i'm of opinion that it's one of several times in history when rabid mccarthyism of CIA came around to bite them in their ass later, because if shah's CIA handlers weren't laser-focused on destruction of Tudeh party, then Khomeini would have to compete with them for audience and islamic revolution might have never happened. but it's a talk for another day

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hostile reminder that government != people of a given country

there is some opposition, not much, and you won't hear from them a lot because communications out of the country are tightly controlled and iranian security apparatus is on the more hostile end of scale, but there is something. iranian emigrants tend to be pretty liberal

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Shah was a piece of shit, but i'm pretty sure lotrorc is about removal of prime minister Mossadegh from power. That definitely didn't make things better

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believe it or not, remotely delivered (tungsten) disco balls are known technology https://imgur.com/a/oOPI7VX


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