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District heat pumps are a thing in some parts of Europe

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This is the first commercial-scale offshore wind power in the US. (There is a small not-commercial-scale wind farm near Block Island)

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Archived copies of the article archive.today ghostarchive.org

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Would be great, but Congress hasn't been on board with that - every Republican voted against the Inflation Reduction Act, and you can't do a non-budget thing without a 60% supermajority in the Senate, which the Democrats didn't have.

Biden is using regulation to speed up EV adoption, though the limits of the "Major Questions Doctrine" the courts invented mean that it won't get us to 100% electric.

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That's a coal-burning power plant; nuclear ones don't need the smokestacks or coal elevators in addition to the cooling towers. You can see a typical example of such a power plant here

Edit: this looks like the Nuerath power station in Germany. Aerial view. This facility burns lignite, a low-quality coal.

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Stockpiling tear gas in case people complain.

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Be really nice, but we're far from having the power to do it, and the ex post facto rule in the US constitution makes it hard to criminalize past actions.

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A full phase-out won't happen in the term of any one officeholder. What we do see is the US using tools like the Inflation Reduction Act and a host of regulatory decisions to get decarbonization started.

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The IPCC has a vision of what that looks like over the next few years and significant parts of that are written into the Inflation Reduction Act and recent US regulatory decisions.

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The planned cost is $12B, with overruns coming on top of that

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It's probably meant to make the 6-week-bans look "reasonable"

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There's a famous example of how improvements in understanding of burn patterns resulted in concluding that a bunch of people were falsely convicted for arson:

Due to the extensive publicity the case received, and because the murder charge carried a potential death sentence, the prosecution hired Lentini and John DeHaan, who had coauthored a fire investigation textbook, to evaluate other theories of how the fire may have started. One possible explanation was that one of the children, playing with matches, had ignited a sofa.

Fortunately, two doors down from the Lewis’ residence was an almost identical house. Lentini and DeHaan received funds and permission to furnish that house with the same type of furniture and carpeting as in Lewis’. Then they wired the structure with sensors, lit the sofa on fire and recorded the results. Within minutes the house was an inferno, due to a flashover. A flashover occurs when a burning object generates hot combustible gasses that ignite and engulf an entire area in flames.

To the general amazement of everyone involved, Lentini and DeHaan discovered the same burn marks on the floor of the test house that prosecutors thought indicated arson. But rather than having resulted from a liquid accelerant, the marks were caused by flashover. Prosecutors quickly dropped the charges. “That case opened my eyes,” Lentini said. “There were all these rules of thumb you can find in the literature at the National Fire Academy that are just wrong.”

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