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Damn, I was coming here to say this. All I can add is that maybe sleep on your stomach with one of these, otherwise it could wake her up vibrating the mattress, since she sounds like a light sleeper.

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Then they have a shocked Pikachu face when the people they left to stagnate and rot, turn out to be the shitty products of their environment aka the neoliberal hellscape of modern day America.

I mean, the Democrats didn't really leave these people to rot, they've largely been prevented from doing anything to help them since rural areas vote so overwhelmingly Republican. What do you really expect the Democrats to have done when it's the other party these folks keep electing to represent them? They effectively say they want the policies that have left them so exposed and disadvantage, then they have a shocked Pikachu face that "those darn liberals haven't done anything to help us." Heck, even in broad terms, their voting habits have screwed all of us by preventing broadly popular things like universal health care or drug reform from going forward because of the disproportionate power the self-destructive votes they cast wield at the national level. My sympathy for them is extremely limited, and my patience at their insistence in making everyone else suffer for their god-awful politics has long since run out.

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Guess it doesn't work for math? Pretty sure 7+4≠12, but I'm no mathemagician here.

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You're probably selling yourself short on the tech front and over-estimating the difficulty of installing something new. If you wanted to install something like Linux Mint or Fedora, the most complicated step would likely involve making a bootable thumbdrive to load it from. You could check that all your hardware works as intended (ie, can you connect to wifi, does sound play properly, can you watch a video on youtube, etc) without actually modifying your base OS, and if it does, the installations mostly hold your hand and you can get a perfectly sane setup just sticking to the defaults for most things and clicking next. There are plenty of options out there where you don't need to be a command-line wizard to have a perfectly usable system.

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I would just say that not everything needs to be a BIFL product, but there can be a tendency to push towards recommending only buying the best of everything. Like, I cook a lot at home, so it made sense to buy a $200 chef's knife that I'll get tons of use from and decent sharpening stones to maintain the edge. I listen to a ton of music, so I've dropped probably around $1500 into a pretty good pair of headphones, a DAC and an amp. On the other hand, I solder like once every couple of years, so getting my cheapo $40 Amazon special made more sense than dropping $500 on a much better soldering iron that offers features I simply don't need and won't benefit from. Sometimes good enough is exactly that, but it can be a nuance lost in these discussions.

Heck, even though I use them several hours a day, my hearing just isn't that good for me to justify spending a substantial amount upgrading my current audio gear. Even if there is an improvement to be had, I'm not sure it would be something I could even notice, so I'm not tempted to go down the rabbit-hole of upgrading my DAC, amp or headphones, as it would be chasing diminishing returns that I'm not even sure would be perceptible for me at a simple biological level.

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I wouldn't jump to compare Reddit to Amazon. Amazon may have operated at a loss for a few years, but it seems pretty clear that Bezos did have a roadmap to make it a profitable business and made decisions to make progress towards that relatively early. Reddit has never been a profitable business and has no real way to get there that doesn't alienate increasing numbers of their users. It's basically in a race to cut a deal that makes spez some money off the whole thing before the bottom falls out from under it and someone else is left holding the bag.

Even when Amazon expanded into categories and took losses on them, Bezos was able to do so knowing that it would damage other businesses that didn't have the deep backing needed to outlast him, eventually leading to many competing retailers in that sector shuttering and Amazon being able to raise prices and rake in money once there wasn't really another competitor in a given field. He might be a massive scumbag, but spez is a massive scumbag and an absolutely inept businessman. For all his assholery, the best case scenario for his legacy is driving reddit into the ground and managing to foist it off on someone else before they realize it's no longer worth anything.

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It moves the discussion further to the right and legitimizes Republican talking points for the majority of people who will only hear a brief soundbite about this, rather than diving deep into the matter.

Besides, the GOP isn't about to run out of bogeymen to trot out just because they could get what they want on the border. They can take it as a compromise and try to push things further down the line. Or they can decide this is good enough for now, and start railing against something else. Union membership rising being a Chinese plot to infiltrate the US and install a Communist dictatorship, so we better write some new laws to enable even more union busting. Free school lunches for kids from poor families turning them gay AND communist by getting them hooked on the government teat early. Woke public libraries turning kids trans by letting them check out books that don't universally demonize it, so better put some sort of draconian funding limits on them. They'll find something else, don't worry.

The way you're framing it and Congressional Democrats approach these things only work if the Republicans aren't completely shameless, above doing things that should completely destroy any remaining vestiges for their voters, but this has been disproven time and time again by the actions of the GOP. If they think they'll have half a chance, they'll wring out even more concessions on this front from the Democrats by pretending to offer something they immediately renege on, just to leave the Democrats going "Aw, shucks, fooled me again. I thought you said you weren't going to do this again."

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Some people are just stupider than you would like to believe possible while still not forgetting to breathe. My father is one of the idiots that moans about "For English, press 1" or feeling slighted that people around him have private conversations in Spanish when he doesn't speak it. Out of all the states, where does this idiot move to for retirement? Florida, famously known for its lack of any Spanish-speaking population, of course.

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A good chunk of restaurants will also suddenly close or have massive price hikes when they can't count on taking advantage of undocumented people and paying them sub-minimum wage off the books.

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Not sure how you take that away from my post. The point was that you can't expect people to suddenly come to that realization when the preceding long series of awful stances of the party haven't had that effect yet. Go out and organize, have conversations with people you know who might vote republican, but don't just assume this one bad stance of theirs will be the tipping point to get folks to stop voting for them.

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If people actually did that every time the Republicans had a horrific take, the party would have died out decades ago. I wouldn't hold out hope people will suddenly wake up now.

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Everything else in our system is invalid, but RICO laws and mail fraud laws are all good. Good to know.

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