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Yeah, happens to me all the time as well. People specifically ask me not to commit acts of genocide in a specific population, and I just accidentally bomb them anyway a few hours later.

It's truly tragic, but there's really nothing I can do about it, and I honestly wish people would stop bitching about it.

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Yeah, the zoomers I know who make an effort with regards to fashion all dress in a very fun way. I dig it.

If I'm upset by it it's just because young people are not wearing the same clothes as me and more, implying that I'm getting old. It stings a little.

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Also Telegram is growing shadier day by day. Signal is the way to go.

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Thanks! Thank god Twitter is so dead set on killing itself it doesn't even need people or companies to make even the simplest moral decisions to leave it.

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Not that there's any chance of it happening, but this would be an ideal use of the shared Mastodon/Pixelfed API. All the social media functionality, none of the being associated with any particular service provider.

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One difference being that Twitter is not (technically) dead - Nintendo Is removing support for a service that continues to exist, presumably because they don't want to be associated with it.

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The spelling thing bothers me a lot. I don't want to catch bad habits of writing shitty just because it's whatever seems trendy at the moment.

People used to give me shit for not using smileys, so I started adding :) everywhere in text messages. Then people told me I seem passive aggressive because I use :) instead of emojis.

Joke's on them. I could never be arsed to use emojis outside of very specific contexts, and now gen Zs are making fun of them for looking like boomers with their dumb emoji use. Apparently I still come across as passive aggressive though.

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Often people are looking for some sort of validation, even when it's not obvious.

If they say "I can't join you in the bar today, I have too much work to catch up on", "K." is not a good answer. Several aspects needs to be addressed, ideally:

  1. That's too bad
  2. Next time
  3. Commentary on the state of work: Keep your head above water/your boss is such a jerk/we'll make up for it after your deadline on Thursday/whatever, depending on the situation and your relationship.

Basically, it's a way to show that you care about what they're telling you. It can be a bit exhausting at times.

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Honestly, I think this might be on to something. RFK jr was not always a lunatic - before he went insane he did some truly great things in his career. He then gradually made a turn for the worse, ending up as the mentally insane candidate we know today. It honestly explains his political platform pretty well.

It also reminds me of that great infowars interview with a Sanders supporter (correctly?) observing that they have worms in their brains.

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Is Linux Mint well adapted for touch screens?

I think I would go for GNOME if I were to use Linux with a touch screen. Then again, I'm using it anyway, so I'm probably biased.

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As a leftist, I find them annoying because they make me look like an idiot by association.

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If you don't have any luck dumpster diving it might be worth checking if any of your local supermarkets (or even bakeries) are using Too Good to Go. They decide how much to put in the package, but a generous place will give you a bunch of food for very little money.

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Fantastic cover of one of my favourite, beautifully weird Tom Waits songs. Less yodelling than in the Waits version, for better or for worse.

Same as it ever was (mstdn.social)
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My partner recently had some water damage to her MacBook (A1425), rendering it completely unresponsive. It turns out her backups were not working either.

On the Macbook, nothing happens when pressing the power button, trickery with shift + ctrl + power doesn't help, it seems completely dead. When the charger is connected no light appears on the charger. So I think it's safe to assume it is an ex-mac; it has seized to be. However, the files are of some importance.

When researching online, it seems there are two possible options. One is to try to get hold of a thunderbolt cable and booting it in target mode while connected to another Mac; the other is to buy a hard drive enclosure, remove the hard drive and put it inside, and access from another computer.

From what I've read, the latter is my best bet. First, it might be cheaper than buying a thunderbolt cable; second, it doesn't depend on as many components inside the Mac not being damaged; third, it would leave us with an external hard drive.

However, this leaves me with a few questions, as I am not great with computers and especially illiterate with Macs.

  1. How can I know if an enclosure is compatible with the hard drive?

  2. It seems to me this model has two hard drives. Would the same enclosure work on both, or do I need to get two different ones?

  3. I am not a great tech mechanic, but I did successfully change the battery of a glued together android phone once, and I used to change the parts of desktop computers back in the day. Would hard drive removal be trivial?

  4. Once removed and in the enclosure, are files encrypted? How could they be accessed from another computer, and would such access only work from another Mac? I use Linux, it would be useful to know if I need to borrow a Mac to retrieve the files.

Sorry for the lengthy call for tech support, and thank you in advance for any help!

Edit: Thank you all so much for the amazing help!

For anyone who might arrive from searching the Internet:
The main lesson might be to be careful when buying an external box for the hard drive of these generations of Macbooks. The hard drive used in the 2012 Macbook Pro with retina is different from the one used in the Macbook air, regular Macbook, or regular Mac from the same year, and different from SSDs used in the end of 2013 and onwards. If your Macbook is from 2013, count the pins.

I ended up buying the OWC Envoy Pro s suggested by @bobsuruncle as I found it available with relatively short shipping time to where I am in Europe; Sintech also has a model that might be a little cheaper. External boxes for these hard drives don't come cheap, unfortunately.

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If I have understood things correctly, communities can be tagged across the fediverse by including an @ for the community name, for example @kbinMeta . In Lemmy ! Is used instead, making [email protected] the preferred format. Lemmy still, however, seems to be displaying posts from other fediverse platforms linking the community using @.

The problem with the @ is obvious, and especially so when clicking one of those links from kbin: there's no way to distinguish users from groups. ! seems to solve this problem, but effectively isolates Lemmy from the rest of the fediverse.

Is there a logic to this, or is it still work in progress? What is the best (platform agnostic) way of linking communities, and when can users expect their posts to show up in the relevant Lemmy/kbin communities?

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I'm curious - what's the difference between magazines and users when linked to the greater fediverse?

It seems like the link to both would be @[email protected]. If somebody creates a user named news, it would therefore be found at @[email protected] - which is where the news magazine is found.

Don't these collide? How do we distinguish between the two?

I'm sorry if the answer is obvious somehow. :)


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