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Didn’t we bail out the big 3 with tax dollars not that long ago?

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I would argue that the centre-right party is the democrats. They are more in line with a European centre-right party. We have no true leftist party due to the 2 party system.

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Love the sentiment but they were flashing old devices so the likely had lots of vulnerabilities.

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Not much of a big deal in that headline. Americans think anything left of centre-right is communism.

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Mainly as a search engine replacement, finding docs or information without getting terrible search results. Also for recipes, it’s really good at recipes.

GPT 4 though, 3.5 is about as sharp as a bag of wet mice.

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Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape

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So Ikea has different qualities as well. Something like Hemnes is made of pine instead of particle board. Those will last quite a while. On the other hand pine is a soft wood so those more expensive hardwood models at the top end you mentioned will last a lifetime.

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Ice Nine Kills - Welcome to Horrorwood

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Ok, not defending the record and streaming companies but this is nothing new. In the past if you bought an album the artist would see around 1.50$. At an average of 13 tracks on an album you would have to listen to the full album 133 times to equal 3$. That would be close to the band getting 1.50 depending on their contract. This math makes a lot of assumptions about royalties that are varied and complex but I listen to many albums more than that on streaming.

Bands never made tons of money off record sales, there are lots of better ways to support bands you like. Royalties are often paid to the band in merch, so buy a CD or vinyl directly from the band. Same for anything they sell directly at concerts or on their site.

That said I would love to see better shares for the artists, but it’s unlikely going to get better because screwing artists goes back decades.

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This is absolutely on the manufacturer. Default credential attacks should not exist in the day and age.

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