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Possibly Huawei if you're not in the US. Sony open backs? Or maybe just some xiaomi model, but I can't vouch for sound there.

I'm in the same boat and use the regular airpods 2. The 3rd gen would be ideal too unless Huawei entices me to switch over.

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I strongly believe that a solid way to attract more people would be to expand the amount of specific information available in the community. Soo you're welcome ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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No, thank you for making me get out of bed to set it up on my server.

The mobile app is so much better. Plex works better on LG WebOS, but I'd say it's on equal footing on Google TV.

Tailscale also seemed to work perfectly fine for remote access.

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I'm doing it on a ln i3 6th gen SFF PC. It's holding up quite well for many other things as well. A pi could suffice, but maybe for a single user at a time.

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Let's put it this way. Split screen was a mostly console exclusive feature before some genius decided to kill it off. Locking multiplayer behind a pay wall at some point was also the stupidest idea I've ever seen.

Most new titles for consoles are exactly as enjoyable on PC. The experience is almost identical. Companies prefer it this way too.

They can make a nice exclusive and release it for PC 2 years later to reap double the profit.

The above has me thinking that consoles are becoming a niche. I'd just get a steam deck for portable gaming and a play pass for the exclusives not yet available on PC.

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Hello, just wanted to let you all know how to fix a dead headlight on the 1st gen Volvo S40/V40. Maybe even other similar models. This is in the event that your bulb and fuse are fine. The headlights are automatic and wired to a relay.

Some genius decided to make the auto headlight relay soldered onto the CEM module under the steering wheel.

You can find it after stripping the plastics, and it should be clearly labeled in some corner.

Opening it reveals all these relays. You need the center 2. They are 12V SPDT 1 form C. The center is for the right headlight, and the one next to it (the orange one I put there) is for the left headlight.

Barely a buck/euro in parts cost. My fingers froze while opening the car though.

Of course, Volvo could have made these easier to replace, but they did last a fair bit either way.

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The smoke is from the rosin core and flux. Lead free is equally bad for the lungs.

I wouldn't eat after touching Lead though.

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Ah yes, the ol' non-mandatory community hospitality.

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I salute your efforts. Mainly because I stand to benefit :D.

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I finally tried Death Stranding a couple of days ago. I'm still on it. The visuals and storytelling are quite compelling.

I do understand why it's not for most people, though. You do put a lot of effort into walking, but honestly, I've played harder games for less, so it's quite alright for me.

You do eventually get better accessories and become faster.

Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart is also an amazing game. Rather relaxing to play. The visuals and story are also quite nice.

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Yeah, just gonna chime in here real quick.

I went down this road just as you. I found out that most MOTs are rather weak for 18650 nickel strips.

You need a transformer rated around 1500 watts. Most are 700-900 watts. I ended up wiring 2 transformers in parallel. Also, make sure to remove the transformer's shunts. They are a form of current limiting and will impact your amps at the end.

Finally, make sure to carefully regulate your pressure with the copper tips. High pressure does indeed equal a weaker weld.

AC in general is also not the best for very short pulses of welds. I have found that 40-60ms work best for 0.2 with around 1000amps. Anything less didn't weld tbh and the MOT couldn't pull amps fast enough. I tried all sorts of windings and cable thicknesses. I finally chose 6AWG and I'm happy enough with 2 transformers.

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Yeah, that seems like a good way to go. 65 degrees at ground level is what I'd also expect. My assumption up top would be close to 90/95 degrees. Driving the pump more often would be interesting.

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Could you send it over? Seems good to check it out. I'll be on the lookout for a more powerful transformer in the meantime. I also went out and bought a more reputable SSR still rated at 40 amps.

MOT spot welder / discussion (discuss.tchncs.de)
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Would anyone like to chime in. I recently made an MOT spot welder for 18650 nickel strips. I can reliably weld 0.2mm nickel. Although I do need a slit if I'm doing nickel <--> nickel (stacking for more amps).

My main problem here is that I had to use 2 parallel transformers since I can't source a single more powerful one e.g. 1500w

The current ones are around 700 and 900 watts. Together, they manage around 20 amps from the wall 220v, that's about north of 4kW, so I'm guessing 2000 amps at 2 volts in theory.

In practice, I'm probably closer to 1000 amps due to heat and smaller electrode tips near the end for the spots.

Any ideas if raising my voltage to 4 volts would help with welds? I might also switch out my SSR since it seems to be sagging on that end. I measure more amps on the free directly connected cable from time to time, versus the one coming from the SSR.

Edit: The cables on the secondary windings are 16mm2 or around 6AWG. I'm confident they can handle the load since I can't really feel any heat in them. They barely heat up after 5 seconds of a constant short. I'm doing mostly 50-60ms pulses for the welds.

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