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Usernet requires at least one indexer and service provider. If you just got a provider your going to be missing a part of the tool chain. DM me if you need some help figuring what's what.

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You can do one year dedicated spend.

But yes. Serverless is a trap to be avoided.

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There is an author - Tad Williams, who wrote the "Otherland" series. One of the chapters has the some of the main ensemble going to "treehouse" - aka what happened in this universe when the nerds, geeks and techno wizards took their ball and went home. The series as a whole is interesting if you like sci-fi. That chapter however seems more and more on the nose the older I get.

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Even if you don't have a Tesla there are a handful of apps out there that will help.

Now if we could get everyone on the same stupid plug - but thats a different conversation.

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Im going to to make a few assumptions. 1) your male (or at least buy men's shoes). 2) your in the States. Adjust advise accordingly.

Your big mistake is two fold. One your buying shoes from a mall "discount" retailer and two your probably not rotating shoes.

Let's talk about that first part. Go into Nordstrom (if your not in the states look for the high end department store in your area). The reason is because the staff are trained in the product, and the return is amazing. Your going to be spending $2-400 on a pair of shoes. Talk to the sales person about what your looking for. Your goal is to not end up with a track shoe, but something made of leather with a real sole.

Secondly. You weigh a bunch compared to your shoes. Every step puts some level of stress on the sole(be it leather, rubber, foam, etc). When you lift your foot back up that stress is relaxed and quickly reapplied. Over time this can wear down your shoes. The trick here is to rotate your shoes so each pair has a day or two to "rest" before usage. This (In conjunction with buying good quality shoes) will result in you needing a new pair closer to every 5 years (longer if you get the soles replaced).

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Like most things there is a book that looks into this. Take a gander at the Wikipedia if your interested (the author argued that there are 11 'nations' in the US). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Nations

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Fun fact. WA is looking into getting rid of gas taxes and imposing a per mile driven tax due at registration.

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Two ways come to mind.

One is tmux. The other is editing your .bashrc (I'm assuming your shell is bash, adjust accordingly if it's a different shell) to have relevant info in your prompt (common is username@hostname).

Oh. also Windows Temrinal supports themes, and you can configure different commands to run when opening a given shell.

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I'm with you. Don't get me wrong, I have a tv and use arkenforge for maps. But 2d is enough of a time sink (epically when the map is only one part of the whole session)...

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:x to save and quit. :q to quit. :q! To save and not quit.

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