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Came here to say this, 73 from KB1OTE! Come join us at [email protected]

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I was eating wheat thins and Oreos on the trail, broth and ramen noodles in aid stations. I was not a fast finisher, came in 31st in 30.5hr.

The biggest small thing is skin care. On a short race you can manage a little chaffing or a hot spot, for longer races taking the 3min to Vaseline or clean whatever is rubbing before it turns bloody is worth it

I actually didn't sleep too well because my legs aches and I had an early flight home, maybe 7hr, don't remember any dreams.

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The winner finished in 19 ish hrs, I was at 30.5. The first 40 mi were easy to keep a pace for around 24hr, but then as the legs got tighter, the weather cooler and wetter I couldn't keep the pace up and had to walk the up hills.

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Thank you! I had a timer to eat something every 45 min, no sleep which was tough towards the end. It's very different from a marathon, you're going slower and it's a lot more about keeping consistent with eating and caring for small things early. This was late in the season so cold and wet!

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Fifth time is the charm for me, but finally got a buckle at Devil Dog this weekend. Feeling pretty sore and limping around today, but overall very pleased that I managed to avoid another DNF!

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Almost the same, but the RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid. 50mi electric range, AWD, we almost never have to fill it and there's free slow chargers in our town!

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Pretty niche, but a citrus squeezer. I cook a lot of Asian food and it's much better to put half a lime in the squeezer at a time than try and hand squeeze the juice out.

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Supernote is the alternative I went with. They have a pretty responsive dev team and the cloud integration is optional, you can push stuff over the local WiFi network.

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I returned my Remarkable 2 after a couple of days for a Supernote. Can do local network file transfer, and wifi screen sharing.

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It weighs about 150lbs, I don't go max speed on windy days, but it's a nice ride

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I work mostly from home, so no commute. I do pay for 2 days/wk at the co-working space either 7 or 30mi away (so 15-35min). I have an electric scooter that goes 65mph and an incredible view on my commute (see attached from Tuesday's drive), so I enjoy it and the chance to be social with the people at the cowork space.

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Welcome! (sopuli.xyz)
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Created this community for fellow hams or those interested. Don't have to be licensed to join, but please keep the discussion and posts related to radio and radio-related activities (SOTA, POTA, etc.).

73 de KB1OTE

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