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From the movie Glory, no?

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Backhoes can carry a lot, why not build the sandbags higher?

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Nah, you want to sleep. Ketamine would be better.

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It's The Project For The New American Century, and they didn't say anything that wasn't being said since Reagan, since like 1/2 of the folks involved were in Reagan's, or HW Bush's political machine.

Also not mentioned is how many of those involved with the Project had deep ties to Israel and, to a lesser degree, the Saudis.

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Plus they have their own crazy agenda to lean on

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Was the son of a breacher man.

Clearly it ran in the family.

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As someone who lives in Canada, I support raw dogs

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"you ever get your shit pushed in, esse?" -- ~~Training Day~~ Toy Story

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sic transit gloria memes

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Just like Brannigan's Law and Brannigan's Love

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