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Yeah if only they had their own secular, democratically elected leaders. And maybe those leaders could even decide to nationalize their oil.

What could possibly go wrong for them?

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Where did I judge these people by their nation state? I'm judging them based on their actions.

This behavior is very reminiscent of the behavior of Israeli "settlers" in the West Bank, and I was pointing out that comparison.

I judge the nation of Israel, which is democratic with mandatory conscription (i.e. brainwashing every Israeli adult into believing Palestinians are literally subhuman) for creating these people. But in a democratic system, the people aren't entirely blameless.

And no it's not the same as Hitler, he was (barely) elected and then seized power and did away with the democracy, so it's not like the German people could have just voted him out (not that they would have).

We (humans) have already settled this anyway. Read The Banality of Evil to understand why the German people are absolutely not blameless, and it's perfectly acceptable to criticize them as individuals.

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US District Judge Mark T. Pittman, an appointee of former President Donald Trump

This is where we share reaping what we sowed with the long term secondary and tertiary damage from electing Donald Trump (and by extension, giving the Federalist Society carte blanche to re-form the judiciary in their hateful, spiteful image). They will continue to happen for decades to come (and will often be blamed on the liberals/progressive currently in power because they'll be the only ones trying to do anything to fix it).

The future's looking bright, guys

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Rotten Tomatoes will usually say where it's streaming. Or a quick Google search of "(TV show) where streaming" will get you there. At least it used to, Google is shit these days so who knows.

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Depending on her age of course... But you can find SRT (subtitle) files for literally almost everything, often in dozens of languages. They're super tiny too since it's basically just a txt file

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I initially made the same mistake... "Surely it was too lovey-dovey to not be Jesus. No way it's that racist, jealous, petty Yahweh..."

But nope, Leviticus

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It also teaches you how to treat your slaves.

Could have very easily had said, "slavery is evil, stop doing it," but nope.

Makes you wonder how many fewer people would be Christian nowadays if it was outspokenly anti -slavery. Interesting thought.

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Yeah the god old the old testament is brutal, and honestly a real piece of shit.

Why would I want to worship a god who openly admits to being controlled by such petty human emotions as jealousy? Fuck that, I've been in shitty relationships before.

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Try living under violent, oppressive, ethno-nationalist, colonialist, apartheid for 80+ years and see what options you and your family might be willing to consider.

Also add in the direct monetary support from Likud and Netanyahu to prop them up as the only viable option.

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Only about ~30% actually voted for Hitler if memory serves.

Not that it makes it ok, but...

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Israeli "settlers" have been stealing land from Palestinian families that have lived there for generations. For decades.

I agree that Jewish people as a whole aren't guilty, but the type that go into other people's homes, on other people's land in other people's countries are the same type that carry AR-15s when marching into a village in the West Bank to say, "this is mine now." Fuck those people.

It's ok to call the Proud Boys shit without damning the entire US population.

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No spoilers for me neither, since I'm still playing Rebirth... I just felt the urge to talk about how much this little prick gets on my nerves....

Anyone else? Or is it just me?

Having a blast with the game either way... But fuck Chadley.

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