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Sealioning. I haven't heard of this before but this sounds like a very interesting phenomenon. Do you have more information? Is this a new term? Where did it originate?

[-] [email protected] 6 points 6 months ago

Not interested. Let me know when we find the heavy metal aliens. Or David Bowie's home planet.

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Is that scaling your brains resolution down? Because I prefer to think I'm at least 8k.

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What a crock of shit. Practically every historian says it was caused by soviet policy. The only debate that occurs if whether it was due to stupidity or intentional genocide.





I could keep going. Gonna tell me how the Holocaust was a lie too?

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Woohoo both systems suck. You can actually believe that just because one system is bad, what is considered the opposite is also bad. Marx was not some omniscient doctor manhattan. He had some ideas. Some were good critiques on capitalist culture. Others were fantasy that do not function in the real world.

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I'm sure there were extra houses after all those people that starved to death.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 6 months ago

Yeah those soviets sure got rid of the homeless problem. Can't be homeless when you were intentionally starved to death.

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Yeah I saw when that happened. I don't do the open sharing. But it is easy to identify me as a Jew plenty of other ways. Including online with things attached to my real name. So it is what it is.

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Yeah this doesn't bother me. And I tend to be a somewhat paranoid person. But I got convinced to do one of these by my partner. And so far, no regrets. They had some family surprises, but they don't regret it either. If they make some cool new meds with my DNA (honestly even if I have only the knowledge that they made meds from 23andme) I'm just going to go around saying hey that might have my DNA in it.

Just wait until you guys find out what they're really doing is cloning us all to replace us with mindless worker drones. I accidentally met mine. They were nice. Bought me a coffee. Then I got real sleepy and woke up half buried in the woods. Real strange day.

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It's interconnected, sure, but I think you'd have an uphill battle that it doesn't belong to that person.

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I mean you apparently can't read one full tweet from a Russian asset, so why don't we just hold off on that educated claim. Wouldn't want you to get in trouble for false advertising.

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