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The Expanse is fantastic, I recommend the book series it's based off of as well

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For his own consumption?? Smh and he let them throw it all away instead of chugging all 4 mummified monkeys over a trash can like a real American does at TSA/customs /j

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Discord already does this somewhat as long as you're logged in to it on the console

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Sam in the Stardew Valley live action film adaptation?

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The stitches came undone on some areas of my Baggallini after a few years of daily use and international travel. The design of the bag was so good and thoughtful that I just couldn't bear to stick with the new purse I bought to replace it. I ended up repairing the old bag and going back to using it every day. I think it's their Modern Everywhere bag.

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It's only micro when it's soft babe

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Needed to see this today, thanks

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I think you meant Akitas, but it autocorrected. The doge dog is actually a Shiba Inu, which are much smaller than Akitas

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There was a version of this with the typo fixed that was floating around, I guess this is the older one

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