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Except adding lanes doesn't alleviate congestion. As if induced demand is some mysterious secret.

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There's a book called The Media Monopoly that details how media companies have consolidated to just a handful of mega corps and the book had to be republished 5 times since the 80s because every few years the number keeps shrinking dramatically. The author later released a brand new book called The New Media Monopoly which is essentially the 7th edition of the original book and at this point we're in a fucked up late stage version of the problem he originally detailed.

From the Wiki on the author:

In 2000 Bagdikian stated, "Every edition has been considered by some to be alarmist and every edition ends up being too conservative." In this latest version, Bagdikian wrote that the number of corporations controlling most of the media decreased to five: Disney, News Corporation, Time Warner, Viacom, and Bertelsmann. He argued, "This gives each of the five corporations and their leaders more communications power than was exercised by any despot or dictatorship in history."

The Onion is a bit too accurate sometimes.

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The actual fuck did they think was gonna happen? Literally everyone saw this coming except the FTC somehow I guess.

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Still an improvement but you definitely have a point.

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Just like how many people stopped being supportive of labor unions, a lot of dummies out there have this misplaced belief that as soon as any problem goes away, we no longer need to uphold the things that solved those problems in the first place.

Of course that's not at all how the world works. Bad actors are constantly looking for gaps in our defenses. They're never going to fully go away because there is an ever present 25-30% of humanity that frankly sucks.

It requires a continuous collective effort to stave these despicable motherfuckers off.

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Ok but will this run on my TI-83? It's a + model.

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This was in Altspace VR which unfortunately got axed by Microsoft IIRC, but on there you kinda looked like a less shitty version of one of those Nintendo avatars customized however you wanted.

The craziest anybody looked on there would be to have like rainbow or blue hair or something along those lines. It was pretty tame compared to like the furry anime cat sex doll looking things some people run around in VR Chat with. It also wasn't overrun with screaming children which I think is VR Chat's biggest overall problem.

Anyway, that support group thing I think has since moved to another platform, I forget which.

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I think the next thing they're gonna do is go after people who sub for a month and then unsub. Probably by charging a good bit more for month-to-month than paying annually.

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Password crackdown aside, I don't really get the appeal of the service unless you have kids or an abnormally large boner for Star Wars and MCU

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There were no insane avatars, everyone looked pretty normal. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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I'll be honest I think their watch and AirPods both look kinda dumb, but they seem to be quite popular. And I distinctly remember that when both came out people were taking shots at how they looked, myself included.

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Yeah Meta is taking the very different angle of wanting to get their stuff in as many houses as possible, right away. I believe various Quests have basically been sold at a loss for at least part of their retail life. They're targeting about as low of a price point as they can.

And when they did go for a more premium high pricepoint product (The Quest Pro), it seems to have been a disappointment and an overall flop. I've seen a number of people say the Quest 3 is about as the Pro good for average use. Its main differentiator seems to be face tracking.

All this said, I won't be buying this iteration of the AVP. I think it's really cool tech, but I'll stick with the Quest 2 for now. The AVP is basically a dev kit as far as I'm concerned. And it's way more money than I can justify.

Antarctica research vessel (
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The former president’s allies are developing a plan that would immediately deploy the military to the streets against potential demonstrators.


Reddit has a setting for "don't allow search engines to index my user profile" and I was wondering if kbin has this or if anyone knows whether it's on the roadmap?


This for me was one of the big game changer articles I ran into years ago while I was improving my skills in Illustrator. Highly recommended.


Higher rents were mostly offset by declining costs of goods such as motor vehicles and furniture.

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One thing I really liked reddit for was reading news and talking about it. I have stopped posting or commenting there now and am in the process of slowly wiping my posting history... but I still browse it for current events a decent bit as it's just a lot more active than over here.

I think my new goal is that whenever I see a news post over there I would really like to comment about, I'm gonna post it over here in a relevant magazine and start a comment in that new Kbin thread instead. Seems like a really easy way to nudge myself into getting more content going over here.

Just kind of a Kbin meta shower thought I guess. Cheers.


Train travel is often more expensive than flying. Could taxing aviation to invest in the rail industry help change that?


This is easily my favorite illustration podcast out there. Highly recommended.


These make creating isometric illustrations much easier. Definitely check them out.

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