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Did you bother to read past the first paragraph?

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+1 for obituary shirt

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That sounds like a worthy and potentially wholesome effort indeed. I would just like to say that I think sincerity is more important than seriousness. Best of luck to you my friend.

Much respect for being an anarchist in Israel btw, especially in these interesting times.

Solidarity from The Netherlands.

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Ok, even though I know this will make no difference to 'you people' (sorry just cannot help myself xD).

In this case I choose to use this specific word because it's so obviously a dogwhistle for right wing extremists that in the context of this meme I think it's funny, since my actual stance is neither authoritarian or rightwing.

I don't seriously mean to perpetuate negative stereotypes with regards to people with mental handicaps.

Just as a curiosity, are you by any chance from the US? I just cannot imagine anyone from Europe making such a big deal about a joke like this, let alone use the term ableist.

I guess my brain has just rotted as a result of a few decades of being on the internet. Inside i'm still an edgy teen apparently. No actual offense meant :)

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I'm unsure what you mean by this. Would you be willing to elaborate?

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I 'am' an anarcho-communist and I don't like libtards. Libtards to me are 'progressive capitalists' that have no systemic insight what so ever and think all it takes to bring upon heaven on earth is to try and be nice.

I mean, you should try and be nice obviously but you are not going to soy latte your way outta this my dudes.

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The one word more people need to know about: threatmodel

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Adding a DENY ALL line to the top of iptables, getting disconnected, realizing that I'm fucking SSHing into this removed...

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Slow heavy metal playing in the background

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I don't understand this either. There's no fucking algorithm overlord here right? No fucking tiktok, youtube bullshit required.

If you want to say fuck, fucking say fuck.

On another note. Thx for introducing me to the robustness principle ♥️

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No problem man. I hope it works out for you! I found it something to get used to after I stopped smoking tobacco 5 years ago but I went haven't looked back ever since.


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I have no experience with the B but I think they should be fine. It's the same tip as the M but just a silicone stem. There will be a durability difference in relation to stainless steel obviously but that's why it's cheaper.

Make sure to watch a few videos because there is a little bit of a learning curve and the activity itself is different from smoking a joint.

With regards to health vaping is currently assumed to be definitely less hazardous.

Every time... (
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Witty title (
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Banan (
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I just got welcomed by this sight:

Err:14 default/main amd64 Packages
  Hash Sum mismatch
  Hashes of expected file:
   - Filesize:1029 [weak]
   - SHA256:d318682cf2a1f8f50428eda47b830d7a15603746bfd7ff2ceb0f4f8edcc88c83
   - SHA1:405913482400e1c6e5619d6d4a252611c03a3861 [weak]
   - MD5Sum:1ac20c0ffc061bb2e13d908198fa488f [weak]
  Hashes of received file:
   - SHA256:0ccd3d2dd2727b8b52ff1d962d1d6faf649070e7d140bbe15a3f46c415e33aed
   - SHA1:7c8d72597aed93d77bec10faf87652a80012b9ae [weak]
   - MD5Sum:1e83dfb78e3fc33afb79356ea303c2a6 [weak]
   - Filesize:1029 [weak]
  Last modification reported: Thu, 23 Nov 2023 09:21:04 +0000
  Release file created at: Thu, 23 Nov 2023 09:21:00 +0000

Could/Is probably an error but it could also be something rather nefarious. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Godless EP, by Blackstaff (
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Just saw this on doom metal subreddit and immediately bought it :)

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