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Why is there a refugee camp to begin with?

Free hint: This camp existed before October 2023!

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"They" call him that because he's directly aiding and abetting a genocide you soulless fucking ghoul.

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He sent the bombs lmao.

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Well they did prove the first half of that considering they killed 3 hostages in this daring PR operation.

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The IDF consistently uses civilian infrastructure for military bases, whether it's in Gaza or across their entire Northern border.

But typical Zionist users on this app like to pretend that "muh human shields" was always a bullshit argument designed to give Israel cover to massacre thousands of children because they know useful idiots like you will parrot it after the fact.

And even if this was an evil Hamas trick, all it proves again is that Israel has chosen to kill civilians as collateral, including its own hostages, instead of accepting multiple peace deals offered by Hamas in good faith.

Log the fuck off, Zionist scum.

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This doesn't even include the 3 alleged Israeli captives killed by the IOF's so-called "rescue" operation. Not sure what rescue op gets called a success when it kills a bunch of collateral bystanders AND half of your hostages.

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What should haunt many people right now is that so many civil rights leaders are still alive, and they're almost all standing against the horrors inflicted by the US government even when a democrat controls it.

Imagine thinking you're on the right side of history against Angela fucking Davies? Against Assata Shakur? These people are still here to remind everyone how their work is never finished.

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oh no! looks at the dozens of methods of watching replays for free anyway

That being said though, would be good if people start recording live feeds of french commentary for hosting later.

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wonder what awful shit they're about to be outed for doing to have randomly added this clause

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Tim refuses to stop shooting himself in the foot against Valve. More news at 11

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Sure, I could just google this, and I have! However, the results are a bit confusing:

Plex Documentation

"Only Intel and Nvidia" Sure, cool.

Literally every other forum discussing this stuff

"Oh yeah I used my [Not Intel or Nvidia chip] and it worked out of the box"

So which is it? Because I'm really not interested on supporting Intel, but if getting HW Transcoding Plex requires them then I'll have to consider migrating to Jellyfin.

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What is it?

You can use Smokeless_UMAF to configure almost all options on AMD systems including UMA Buffer size (For systems like the steamdeck and laptops), RAM overclocking, CPU power states and voltage settings, and much more, even if your system's BIOS doesn't expose the option for you.

Tutorial for increasing your UMA buffer on an AMD Phoenix Laptop

Boot into a FAT32 drive with the downloaded Zip extracted to the root, and then use the "Device Manager" section to locate the UMA buffer size.

The location within the utility is at

Device Manager > AMD CBS > NBIO Common Options.

Once set, back out and apply the changes, rebooting your system. You can then confirm that the option has been applied by checking your system monitor of choice (Windows > Task Manager, Linux > Whatever) and checking to see if your available RAM has decreased (indicating greater allocation of memory to the iGPU).

This may not remain applied through BIOS updates, and may cause hardware damage if misconfigured, and may result in an unbootable system if misused or by chance. You may need to reset your BIOS if that's the case, if possible by your system manufacturer.

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Child Polygon2Ds of a nav mesh by default act as obstacles, so the nav mesh avoids them. However, I just want to use the Polygon2D as the source for the nav region and remain its own node so I can do stuff like, modulate it when the player hovers over it with their cursor.

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So Israel has built a camp.. to concentrate.. Gazan civilians. Is there a name for such an unprecedented facility?

please dont (lemmy.world)
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Welshcakes! (lemmy.world)
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A bit late with these, we made em a couple days after St. David's day

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blackberry jam was homemade too, from last year.

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I haven't seen the update come through to my system but since I have a more-than-slightly-borked grub setup, I have a feeling it could be to do with that.

As a side note RE: above -- Are people running a kernel newer than 6.5.0-18-generic ?

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A sad day for emulation and open source advocates, and a reminder that Nintendo can and will destroy you if they see fit.

Hopefully their works will live in the saved repos just as ReVanced was able to live on after YouTube shut the original project down.

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The title explains it well. But I installed Mint on a 2nd partition, then deleted it since I no longer used it, and now Grub dumps me to the command line on boot :/

How do I recover?

EDIT: gonna give up. Fuck grub lmao EDIT2: Just reinstalled mint and used the grub it gives to fix everything lmfao

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Price starts at €999 and releases in April, and will come with Plasma 6.

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I have a Lenovo 14aPH8 (Ideapad 5 gen 8?) which has a high DPI Screen with an AMD 7840HS (780m iGPU).

It's giving a bunch of memory corruption when on youtube in fullscreen, or before I reduce the resolution of a fullscreen application (Assetto Corsa Competizione is the only I've tried so far) from the native resolution to 1080p.

I previously RMA'd the Laptop due to similar artifacts on Pop!OS, and they confirmed the entire motherboard was replaced. However, the artifacts didn't go away so I tried KDE Neon which thankfully didn't have the same issues, until I tried gaming and youtube.On X11, the issues are gone, but as a fan of fractional scaling and touchscreen gestures I'm still using Wayland.

While this could be a hardware issue (I can't confirm as the laptop is so new not many people have it, let alone on linux) I'm sure this is software related because it only happens on X11, and I've also seem similar reports by nVidia users on Wayland.

Anyone able to signpost me if this isn't something KDE devs can investigate? I know a lot of them are active within the Wayland space so I thought asking here would be a good idea :)

EDIT: Looks like there's some upstream bug in the DRM with variable refresh rates and/or adaptive sync. Disabling it in KDE's settings seems to sort the problem in Youtube/games. Can't say the same for anyone else tho

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