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"Did you find it yet?"

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Isn't there a version about mineralogy?

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It's one accusation they uttered. Not sure how serious this is

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Actually the helicopter was a few decades old already and Iran blames the US for their sanctions that included repairing materials

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TIL Europe is a country

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They do it to recharge

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Yes, the "second war to end all wars" and the "cold war that only gets hot in the periphery"

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He also talks about unemployment rates in Britain and "unless a war is coming soon" many people will stay underfed. Maybe the British proletariat is behind WWII?

Edit: Since I'm downvoted: the last sentence was a joke, obviously

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Only male dogs go to heaven

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I'm reading a book from the 30s and it has phrases like: "in the time after the war". It's written in 1937 and hits differently in hindsight.

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I'm not allowed to share her nudes, sorry no sorry

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Da meint jemand, es gäbe diese Community nicht, was damals auch gestimmt hat, aber jetzt ist es gealtert wie Milch.

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