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Thanks for clarification!

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I didn't create social media
Social media created me

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The first one doesn't even have a fire. Maybe they have super powers and blew out the fire already and now flies away to their next thing

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Rust and chill

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What did you say? I guess I leave the meeting and rejoin runsaway

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What did you say? I'm afraid my internet connection is broken

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You can't choose every decade. It jumps from now to 2070 without a step in between. Pretty disappointing. I was looking for 2040s music. I guess it will take years until they add that.

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This is photoshopped like all NASA "photos"

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I've been to a workshop about green tea recently and you can prepare it with any water temperature. You can make it with cold water, it just takes longer. You can even place ice cubes into the can, put tea leaves on top and let them melt

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I wouldn't call them fairies but who am I to judge

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Have you ever seen a binary tree grow? Maybe they put the pants on each level while it is the lowest one before the next level grows

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Wait, fid you also destroy Tokyo?


Since the last update, I don't see the total number of upvotes and downvotes but a ratio. So when it is at 0, I see 50% which is less interesting than seeing how many people interacted. Was it me upvoting and a single downvote or is it highly controversial with 100-100? Also: in a highly downvoted comment, I want to see how many people actually upvoted it.

Can I change this back in the settings somewhere?

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