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With an USB-C dock/hub you can plug the deck into your TV and multiple controllers. Lots of wireless controllers are also supported OOTB, including joy cons.

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Au point où on en est je parie qu'ils ont rien à faire, les russes se font un plaisir de le faire pour eux...

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Yes that's the case under GNOME, KDE and sway.

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Not trying to erase anything, I just think it's the main issue we're facing right now, and that we'd be better off on many of these other issues if we did something about that one.

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The "wealthy elite" in this case are Indian. Goes on to show that it's not a matter of race/origin but of class, the sooner we collectively realize this the better off we'll be.

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Yeah, in Europe (or in France at least), if you're circumcised you're either Muslim, Jewish or had a medical issue.

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Hum je vois pas ça en indiquant un couple avec des salaires relativement élevés.

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Rien que pour ça ça me ferait tellement plaisir que la gauche l'emporte...

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Haven't played origins but I'm pissed off just reading your comment lol, glad I haven't bought an EA game in like 10 years

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If you've got a switch gathering dust and have no interest in using it for gaming again (e.g. if you've got a steam deck), it's nice to have the option to convert it to an Android tablet for the multitude of use cases the stock OS doesn't support: streaming, a proper web browser, chat apps, ...

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And how many devops have been driven to madness trying to configure what should be a simple task.

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I'll point to her when people say "I don't vote because all politicians are corrupt assholes".


Hey, my pal won't be able to make it so I've got a spare ticket for Sonic Blast (Thursday only), anyone up? PM me

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