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The government is not one person. Are there members of congress, state and local government with whom you align? Do you think they will be more able to have a positive impact under Trump or under Biden? I'm all for criticizing Biden and the Democratic party. I recognize the cynicism of the "lesser evils" cycle we are stuck with when it comes to presidential candidates. I recognize the unfairness of the "if you don't eat the Dems bullshit and vote blue you will be complicit in creating a fascist state where women don't have bodily autonomy." It feels like we are being forced into accepting the Democratic party based on a threat. I won't be threatened. But I will also not make things worse for people out of personal frustration and discomfort. So Biden is another neo-centrist. We know this. And I'll vote for him again because the politics I actually support will have a better chance of doing some good than if I don't vote for him. You can say I'm giving in to the Dems threats but I don't give a shit. Our country has failed to deliver good candidates but I'm not gonna take my ball and go home.

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Thats well said. In a climate where we not only get our information dramatized we also get our reactions performed to us from media outlets as well. And it did feel good to think about the downfall. But that is because of my opinion of Linus. I learned that I just don't like his personality. That is separate from the accusations against his company and even after the dust settles and no wrongdoing was found, I still think the guy is a dick. And that is ok, but worth recognizing and separating fact from my own opinion.

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And an outspoken apocalypse doomsday prepper. Definitely the kind of ideals we want in unilateral control of nuclear power plants. This guy can't fuck off sooner and any entity that would back his enterprise is either fucking stupid or blinded by greed.

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Market conditions for me but not for thee...

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Exactly. My concern is the lurid and sexual details will only serve to undermine the seriousness of the law he broke. As long as these gross but legal details are making headlines, the less coverage his actual crime gets, which his team will gladly accept.

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Neurons undergo physical change in their interconnectivity. New connections (synapses) are created, strengthened, and lost over time. We don't have circuits that can do that.

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Went really well I think, thanks! Trying not to get my hopes up too much, but felt really good. Bonded over some shared interests and felt like I had the headspace to do some proper preparation and clear my mind. Earned myself an extra coke zero after that :)

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Day 12. Just want to say thank you for all you do. This community really is amazing. I don't really know what my long-term goals are. I just know that the way I had been drinking up until about two weeks ago was leading to worse and worse outcomes and I needed to take a step back. Feeling pretty good. The anxiety of life in general is all still there but at least it isn't compounded by a toxic cloud of guilt and shame. I have a job interview today. Wish me luck!

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You Aint Going Nowhere

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Spot on. I used to work in a fancy spot. People waving their arms around would sometimes just get a super friendly wave back from me.

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Depends on the restaurant. While not rude, a wave is often unnecessary in finer dining. Busy sports bar, sure. But most good servers will be scanning fairly constantly. Simple eye-contact is usually enough.

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