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For the most part, clearnet sites are safe. Except for the insane ads that these websites usually have, any clearnet site you connect to, nothing can harmyou. The real problem comes from downloading torrents

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If there are any questions or anything you want to know about it, I can help you. Unfortunately sailing the seas is a bit more tricky in the US, Since your isp sometimes sends you a cease and desist. Get a vpn, download qbittorrent and for the basic part, thats really it!

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Fuck plex. Jellyfin FTW

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Depends on what you're looking for. It's storage is expandable up to 2 TERABYTES, Gives Android updates for almost 10 years from what I remember ( these updates will be supported even after their chip manufacturer, Qualcomm stops support). An additional bonus is that since all of their parts are available to buy at a fairly cheap price, you don't have to spend that much money all time trying to replace the screen or the speaker or any other part of the phone. UNLIKE my Pixel 7 pro that costs fucking $350 to replace its screen.

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What's your point here? If you want to argue with me about semantics then I absolutely could not care less about it. Yes of course you can't change shit, because windows is designed this way. It's made this way for people who don't know how to do things be able to easily Google their problem and find a step by step solution that is almost certain to work since windows ui doesn't change a lot. Also, at this point googling is a popular verb which means "searching shit on the internet". Use whatever browser you want, I use brave search and searx from my distro. Congratulations on successfully shitting on windows, like everybody else in this thread.

Of course Linux is better for most intents and purposes, but that's entirely not the fucking point here. The point here is how to use windows better? With all the shit Microsoft does? And the answer is you search it on the internet, it's just how it is and complaining about it and saying Linux does it better does not change anything.

If you have a problem in windows, for example one of the things I was really annoyed about in win11 was that whenever I searched something on the task bar, an internet result would pop up that will open bing on edge. I didn't want that so I googled it (searched on the internet with brave search) and turns out that you can add a registry my that can disable all web searches from the taskbar! So Yay one annoyance fixed. There are hundreds of things like that which you can just search and figure out a way to disable a shit Microsoft thing or bypass it.

What I had originally meant was that in general, you can control a lot behind the scenes in windows, even if you can't see it up front. You can shit on it all you want but being toxic to people and telling them to install Linux is obviously not the way to go. Gatekeeping is for idiots. Use what you want to use, do what you think is best for you, and I do what is best for me. From time to time I do use windows to play some games that don't work on Linux yet, or use some software that doesn't support Linux and I don't want to spend hours trying to figure out how to install there. It's efficient for me and that's how I keep it.

Windows is terrible at a lot of things, and Linux is terrible at a lot of things too but those things are completely different and it is no use to compare as everyone's needs are different. There is no one size fits all, there never will be.

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To be honest, you just have to Google things that you really want to fix. Genuinely just ask it how to make simple things simpler and you will find so much helpful stuff out there. If you feel some discomfort while using windows, know that there's always a way to make something easier and simpler, you just have to find it

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Exactly, the one thing you cannot do is force someone to move to Linux. They eventually do it on their own when they get tired of being shit on by Microsoft, or just see in general that yeah! This specific thing is gonna make my life so much easier! That's why I did it and I understand why people wouldn't want to switch to it, there's nothing that we can do about it

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It worked on my machine. Also, why would they block it?? This specific command was definitely added by some Microsoft engineer, and not just for shits and giggles. There must have been some reason to add it in the first place, and certainly no reason to block it.

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If you're going to reinstall windows, try installing tiny11: https://github.com/ntdevlabs/tiny11builder.

I've heard a lot of good things about it, consider this.

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I understand. I use Linux with dual boot myself and I know how great and free it feels to just use a terminal for everything. However, I cannot count how many times I have been frustrated when something just doesn't work. Some software that doesn't exist in apt is can be hard to install sometimes if you have to compile it yourself. And if you want to delete something that you didn't install via apt?? Good luck with that. Linux doesn't exist without its own problems. The use cases for both windows and Linux are very different. It doesn't fit everybody

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So many comments shitting here and not giving helpful advice at all, so so fucking stupid. The best way to get ahead of this would be when the next time this pops up, press Shift + f10 and then type "OOBE\BYPASSNRO" easy and simple, takes only a few seconds and makes everything more seamless, such as no one drive bullshit etc..

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