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Accusations of being an imposter, you see, are as ancient as the human capacity for language itself. They stem from a deep-seated psychological predisposition to categorize the world into the known and the unknown, the self and the other. But consider this: every individual, in their quest for competence and mastery, stands on the boundary between order and chaos, tradition and transformation. It is in this liminal space that one is most vulnerable to such accusations, for it is here that one is both most authentic and most susceptible to misunderstanding. To label someone an imposter is to ignore the complex, often painful process of growth and self-discovery. It is, in essence, to demand that they remain forever in the domain of the known, never daring to explore the unknown seas of potential that lie within us all. So, if being called an imposter means that I am venturing into the unknown in pursuit of higher truth and deeper understanding, then I accept that label with pride. After all, it is those who never face such accusations who must worry, for they have likely never dared to step beyond the familiar shores of their current selves.

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I’m never wrong!

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In the vast, uncharted wilderness of modern thought, where chaos reigns supreme and the dragons of political correctness lurk behind every corner, there emerges a lone figure—a beacon of reason, a knight in tarnished armor, armed with nothing but a set of archetypal myths and a diet exclusively comprising beef. This figure, dear listeners, is none other than I, the only man who has dared to read Carl Jung and Friedrich Nietzsche before breakfast, the solitary defender of the lost art of cleaning one's room as a panacea for the world's ills.

As I stride through the academic wastelands, where the shadows of postmodernism grow long and the specter of Marxism haunts every lecture hall, I carry with me the sacred torch of individual responsibility. It is I who have bravely pointed out that lobsters, those illustrious crustaceans, hold the key to understanding human social hierarchies, a revelation so profound it has shaken the very foundations of biology.

With every word I utter, legions of lost souls flock to my banner, seeking refuge from the chaos of their untidy bedrooms and the existential dread of having to use preferred gender pronouns. "Fear not," I proclaim from atop my YouTube pedestal, "for I have deciphered the ancient texts and uncovered the secrets to life's meaning: stand up straight with your shoulders back, and all the complexities of modern existence shall bow before you."

In this world where dragons masquerade as social justice warriors and the cultural Marxist hydra rears its many heads, I alone have had the courage to say, "Enough!" With my trusty Patreon shield and the sword of biological determinism, I venture forth into the unknown, a lone voice crying out in the wilderness, daring to ask the questions that others dare not whisper: "But what about the men?"

So, as I gaze upon the chaos of the modern world from the lofty heights of my intellectual fortress, I am not swayed by the siren songs of equality or the chimerical allure of social progress. For I know that the path to true enlightenment lies not through compassion or understanding, but through a rigorous adherence to a diet that has left me in a perpetual state of ketosis.

In conclusion, let us not be led astray by the mercurial charms of empathy or the allure of collective action. Instead, let us follow the path I have laid out, a path that meanders through ancient myths, obscure dietary restrictions, and an unwavering commitment to misinterpreting postmodernism. For in the end, it is not the world that must change, but the angle at which we tilt our heads when we stare longingly into the eyes of our semen-encrusted waifu pillows.

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In the realm of discerning truth from fiction, particularly in the pervasive echo chamber surrounding figures like Elon Musk, my role isn't merely that of an observer or a passive participant. I actively engage in the moderation of a forum known as /c/EnoughMuskSpam. This endeavor is, in itself, an intricate dance with nuance, an attempt to sift through the overwhelming barrage of information and disinformation, to bring forth a more balanced and nuanced perspective. It's a task that demands a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of what is genuine and true in the midst of a torrent of unfiltered and often biased discourse.

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Elon Musk embodies the archetype of a profoundly ingenious individual. In my estimation, he stands as a genuine hero, an embodiment of the heroic spirit in the modern world.

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Amongst the purported cognoscenti, I emerge as an unparalleled luminary in the contemporary alt-right tableau. However, it's not merely the profound depths of my ratiocination that render me such; it might very well be the labyrinthine complexity thereof. Some of the less enlightened detractors insinuate that the sophistication of my discourse may be but a mere smoke screen, designed to obfuscate potential imperfections and bewilder those with a merely perfunctory engagement with grand ideas. Their assessments, though quaint, are not entirely without merit. Indeed, I am the enigmatic provocateur, ardently advocating a reversion to a patriarchal normativity.

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to no mind Jordan Peterson. I listened to him a lot, thought he just talked a lot without saying anything. But as soon as he started talking about climate change, something in which he has -zero fucking authority- , that’s when I started to really dislike him. P

I strongly agree.

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In diving deeply into the multifaceted layers of the video in question, your discernment, I must confess, aligns with the veritable truth. I found myself, quite tangibly, dwarfed by the intellectual prowess exuded by Zidel. It's almost as though, in this dance of minds, I was but a novice juxtaposed against a seasoned maestro. And the sheer elegance with which he presented his arguments, well, it added an additional layer of gravity to the profound realization of my own cognitive inadequacies in comparison to his evident sophistication.


Slavoj Zizek and Jordan Peterson debate on the concept of Happiness: Capitalism vs Marxism. The event was billed as “the debate of the century”, “The Rumble in the Realm of the Mind”, and it did have the feel of a heavyweight boxing match: Jordan Peterson, local boy, against the slapdash Slovenian Slavoj Žižek in Toronto.

Peterson gets absolutely demolished by Zizek! 🤣

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