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The inflation rate has just about always been positive (besides a few rare years in the 1920s and 1930s). Holding dollars has always lost you buying power. Its just that in recent years, the rate of inflation has been enough for more people to notice.

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People are people and borders are arbitrary.

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Why would I choose this over LibreWolf?

RIP Kabosu <3 (lemm.ee)
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Shibes of Fediverse,

With great sorrow, I must notify you of our Queen's demise. Kabosu lived to 12 years old and has ascended beyond her mortal form.

Such wow much condolences 🌹

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At least get a cleaning for a few hundred bucks, opt for x-rays, then discuss what your options are for restorative work. Finding abscesses and getting screened for oral cancer is important to your overall health.

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The batteries are about half the cost of making an EV. A $30k car literally has $15k+ worth of batteries inside. The Chinese are prepared to produce batteries today. China will not be able to arbitrarily limit global supply in the future. Global lithium supply is not analogous to oil prices and OPEC.

Lithium ion batteries are not produced by 1 entity and the tech has been around a few decades. People are absolutely innovating better, more sustainable, and less toxic battery chemistry. Lithium is just the best option we have now.

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The US government can and should be directly financing mining and making lithium batteries. There's enough lithium and cobalt scattered around the world to not give China full control over the price. The perfect is the enemy of the good. Until a more energy-dense battery chemistry goes mainstream: lithium is our only option to stop burning (some) oil. Batteries needs to be fully embraced regardless of who's currently setup to profit. China just thought ahead and the US wants to throw a tantrum.

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Do Win 10 LTSC users still get shoveled this shit? I'm asking for a friend.

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I don't know about the BYD, but the Tesla Y has a 5 star rating from ANCAP, Euro NCAP, and the NHTSA. I'm far from a Tesla fanboy. I'm just genuinely curious why you think either is unsafe.

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Syncthing accomplishes both local and Internet transfers and doesn't need a third party server (if you're not doing NAT traversal). I don't think you can send individual files through it's interface. But you can share a directory and any files you add (or edit) will sync via P2P to other devices.

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Bruh, I bet you start telling stories when you're passed the jib.

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