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Hmm maybe I stop donating then... I'll have to dig into where my money is actually going.

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Don't believe that horseshit "we don't have money for Social Security" conservative talking point.

  1. We have money just not the way it's currently funded
  2. Cutting social security is political suicide

The only way social security goes away is if conservatives think they can win an election without old people. Fat chance.

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Yes. Just like I donate to my Lemmy host on a regular basis.

I even pay for YouTube, despite using Vanced.

Fuck ads.

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The issue is fuck ads

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People don't remember how awful Wilson was

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He won by 7k votes in an election with 21% registered voter turnout.

He won not by broad appeal but rather by apathy - his voters were engaged by fear mongering bait plastered on every news outlet about "crime" so they elected a goose stepping cop.

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This... Just seems like documentation about K type reproductive strategies vs R type.

Except they've taken K vs R and added some weird conservative "women are for breeding" undertones.

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AI but a real recipe people have made makes it simultaneous real but AI

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I'm almost positive these are AI gen. They don't look at all like the Dracula Simia I've seen.

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Looking at random Facebook marketplace postings I'd say you should go with a mk3s from Prusa. In NYC I'm seeing them for $350-$500 used and they're fantastic printers. Very much on the tool end of the tool:hobby spectrum.

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