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  • Nextcloud Talk
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What is a speaker?

Kids these days, probably

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I used to years ago, in the era of Galaxy S2 and such when battery life was a luxury.

I can't think of a time in recent years where I've seen anyone doing that TBH. I know certain people who turn off the wifi router during bedtime.

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What controller and mount do you use?

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There's so much potential in mobile gaming. So unfortunate we have crapshoot games though.

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Also interesting to note that the privacy oriented search engine Duck Duck Go uses Bing

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Next version of the product will be 2x as expensive, don't worry

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I like the distinction, nice

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It's interesting how the market has changed since the pandemic. When I got my Mi A1 in 2017, I was happy I had a stock Android device for about ₹15k. I had to retire it in 2020 because of a bent chassis. When I looked then, i could never find a decent phone around the same price range, especially with root/custom ROM support. The Poco X2 was just launching, and I missed out on getting it in the flash sale.

Ended up visiting a Mi Store nearby, and found the Redmi Note 8 with a SD processor and an active developer community. Just ended up getting that. Had to retire that phone too, due to an accidental drop, and it took me over a year to find a decent replacement, with a budget increase to 35k.

Ended up getting a Galaxy A53. Not the most ideal choice for me, but I'm tired of flashing ROMs and getting around Magisk and Magisk Cloak to get UPI apps to work.

In that 10 to 22k range, literally most are either a Unisoc, Mediatek, or Exynos processor phones. And none of them have decent development support. Much of this is the after effect of the silicon shortage, Snapdragon messing up 5G, and OEMs reverting to Mediatek for a non-5G chipset.

My recommendation is to check Amazon and Flipkart for any refurbished phones - either older mid range phones, or flagship phones.

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Always so great to see Nick on the fediverse!

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