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I would be just like you if it weren't that with KDE dragging windows show visible lag and moving them from screen A to screen B causes a micro stutter, the PC lagging into a stop if I drag the window in between screens nonstop.

This doesn't happen in gnome. It really sucks, because like you, I prefer having the freedom of customising everything to my liking in KDE, but the window behaviour with an nvidia card is simply not acceptable. Until that changes, I'll stay in the dog house.

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If the performance playing Last Epoch is not flawless I'll riot then. /s

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I do, which is why I said that your example is not like the one of the comic.

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Ever heard of black humor? Their comment is intentionally heavy to create a clash in the reader's expectations.

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This was nothing like your interaction though. Asking why doesn't mean they don't acknowledge the other person doing it for fun, it's just that they are curious if there's a reason.

-Haha, why?

+Found it cool and felt like it.

-That's cool, I used to play X when I was younger but....

It can also just be a conversation starter, nothing wrong with asking why.

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It is pretty cheap quality, that's true. But I've bought a furniture piece and a tv cabinet from them like 6 years ago, and I've moved since then and both pieces are fine and working in my new place. They don't fit so I'll replace them whenever I save enough but their quality is kinda decent in regards to their durability for light use.

I'm mentioning it because I'm from Europe and given your instance I'd wager you are from Canada, so they might have differences in quality across not really countries but continents.

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My interpretation is that 1080p is 1k and these are 4 times as many pixels, so it kinda makes sense? Not really, but w/e.

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It's not that they don't criticise, it's that when something negative shows up, they defend it showing several biased sources, as if they meant anything, or jump into whataboutism.

Whenever someone posts something negative and promotes discussion or critique about it, lo and behold, see how this other country is also horrible and see the good things mine does. Like dude, cool, let us discuss this and you can create another post for those things. It's pretty clear that they want to divert the conversation.

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Well, the game has 0 server issues if all you want to do is play alone, since you can play offline. Yeah, most people want to play online, sure, but saying that the game is bad and should not be bought only for its online issues is not a fair review either. Also, I've been playing it and have two lvl 70 online characters with kde rate play since the release, so it's not like it's unplayable.

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Windows has 3 package managers. Chocolatey and scoop are third party while winget ia supported by Microsoft. There's even a 3rd party made winget gui that interacts with all package managers. BTW, you can download windows store apps through the package manager, and shocker, it installs faster then from the store.

So yeah, having nvidia drivers through any of the package managers would be cool.

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If that's what you think then you don't understand why people complain about manjaro. It's the 1 week package delay to "ensure testing". There have been bugs that were released in arch and a week later in manjaro, no fix nothing. Also, if you use manjaro and the AUR, which they promote as a possibility, you might have a versioning issue where the AUR package expects packages a week faster than manjaro gets them, and that can actually, very easily, break your system.

Endeavour IS arch but not arch with a shiny wrapper and a shiny forum, that's good, Manjaro is NOT that.

EOS is basically arch but has some packages of theirs that are pulled from their repos, but every other package comes directly from arch, any update comes from arch and so on. They basically reinstall some utility programs and leave you to your devices, no bullshit.

If you want to compare Eos to anything, try garuda, those two are very similar to my understanding.

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McDonald's is not cheap food, it's fast food. I don't expect this cunt to know the difference.

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