[-] fluxion 3 points 14 hours ago

Demented sociopathic children. Normal children would do a better job.

[-] fluxion 12 points 1 day ago

They're just sticking up for the country they serve

[-] fluxion 209 points 2 days ago

Imagine a species surviving world war 2 and the Holocaust then still being pro-nazi. So fucking stupid.

[-] fluxion 24 points 2 days ago

Dog is like "dafuq is this W shit?"

[-] fluxion 5 points 3 days ago* (last edited 3 days ago)

I initially thought he wasn't following through on recommendations so he could sanction rapist and murderers and was surprised at this positive shift in position.

Silly me.

[-] fluxion 27 points 3 days ago

If Texas secedes, the United States will be comprised solely of Rhode Island, half of Alaska, and San Francisco. Think about that for a second.

[-] fluxion 6 points 5 days ago

I've been here a year

[-] fluxion 14 points 5 days ago

Okay, but that's a power for a governor to have.


[-] fluxion 7 points 6 days ago

Right before it cuts out? This was engineered to be ironic/hypocritical

[-] fluxion 243 points 2 months ago

Good. Not a fucking dime until Ukraine gets much needed funding. And then still not a fucking dime because Israel has proven to be quite capable of leveling Gaza with the resources they already have and are at absolutely 0 risk of losing any territory whatsoever.

[-] fluxion 201 points 8 months ago

Maybe that extra $400 time investment wouldn't have been such a bad idea after all

[-] fluxion 216 points 8 months ago

Blocking all encrypted traffic... fantastic suggestion comrade, I'll forward this on to the Kremlin. Also, you've been drafted.

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