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real man (sh.itjust.works)
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It depends on what you're wiping off. If it's for drying yourself after a shower, then I'd just use my big bath towel to dry every part of my body since they should all be clean by that point. I sometimes use an extra towel for my hair since I have long hair and it needs some extra fabric to help dry out.

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What a read. We thought the world is getting smaller as people connect with each other through social media, and yet we are worlds apart on this one. These rich people just can't fathom a life without a yacht. To them, it's not luxury, it's a necessity, just like you and I need water. No matter how much education they might have had, it's not enough to get through their thick skulls to make meaningful change with their lifestyles.

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Animator vs. animation (www.youtube.com)
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Disinformation. BRICS and ASEAN are not ditching the dollar and definitely not this year. ASEAN agreed to promote local currencies and reduce reliance on the US dollar, not to ditch it.^1^ BRICS is definitely not ditching the dollar as well. There was no consensus in the BRICS summit. Brazil wanted a common BRICS currency, Russia, China and South Africa wanted to promote local currencies instead, and India is less enthusiastic about dethroning the dollar.^2^


^1^ https://www.aseanbriefing.com/news/asean-finance-ministers-and-central-banks-consider-dropping-us-dollar-euro-and-yen-indonesia-calls-for-phasing-out-visa-and-mastercard/

^2^ https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/currencies/dedollarization-china-india-russia-leaders-brics-summit-yuan-rupee-2023-8 and https://www.reuters.com/markets/currencies/what-is-brics-currency-could-one-be-adopted-2023-08-23/

EDIT: forgot the footnote

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HTC was truly a pioneer.

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I don't know who greenlit this supposed celebration of TAS, but the writing is cheap, lowbrow and cringey. It's a total shame that the amazing animation and sound design are paired with this quality of writing. None of the three eps released so far impressed me.

I'm seriously shocked by the Youtube comments that found it funny. The latest one is literally supposed to be funny because it involves boogers. Paramount should be ashamed it spent money on this. Have they stopped for a moment to think if this is what TAS fans want? /rant

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In celebration of the original Voyager's return in her full glory in Lower Decks season 4, it's high time to have another listen to the Prodigy theme written by Michael Giacchino.

If you've only listened to the theme in the Prodigy opening, you would have missed the solemn but beautiful buildup to the epic second half. To me, the first part shows a yearning and curiosity toward space exploration, much like a child looking at the stars and thinking when I can be up there. And in the middle of that imagination, the music shoots up, and you suddenly find yourself in a starship whizzing through planets and nebulas at warp 9.

It's such beautiful and epic music. So underrated.

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Hope she gets some much needed mental health support in prison

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The part about trek at 2:26.

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So Boimler inadvertently causes Nurse Chapel to end her relationship with Spock and encourage him to go back to T'Pring?

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Why are you so rude?

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Missed the opportunity to name it Fedirect

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You don't understand Lemmy. Feel free to host your own instance with your conservatives views. It will likely get defederated by other instances, but nobody's stopping you.

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lemmygrad.ml is blocked from federating with us. See https://sh.itjust.works/instances

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Lemmy and kbin are two different forum software that can be installed and run on servers. Because both use the ActivityPub protocol, the content between them can be shared. So, a Lemmy user will be able to see content from a server running kbin, using Lemmy.

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