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Well they wrote that yesterday, on one of the oldest days.

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Cat people, really.

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Why do they even keep making trump run… he looks so tired.

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Now this person I want on the Supreme Court

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What if the judge were to learn he is her time-traveling great-grandson trying to stop a potential catastrophe caused by him going to jail while time traveling?

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The original concept for a similar system was to have the pilot jettison multiple styrofoam mcdonalds containers out the rear of the aircraft, which would shred in the jet wash and gum up the enemy engine. A mockup of the system was performed along american highways in the 1970’s.

Unfortunately, future conditions made the system impractical, not due to a difficulty in finding styrofoam containers in america, but in getting the contract-required grimmace costume on the test pilots. The program was discontinued in 2018 due to budget reappropriating of funds for backup kuerig machines in all air force base quarters.

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“You will be missed.”

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At least she’s not 78, god, that’s biden-old.

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Repeat after me: “I condemn President Biden dropping Clarence Thomas into a dildo shredder, but I respect the supreme court decision of total presidential immunity.”

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That’s the best part. Why is trump even running… he looks so tired.

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There are some small concerns about parking to contend with.

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Just not a good decade to work for Addidas.


I was thinking about crazy optimizations today and I’m surprised we don’t hear more people talk about this combo. A cleric that can cast lvl 3 spells can concentrate on spirit guardians and wild shape, and by becoming a large creature you can create a 40 ft field of fast moving justice taking the dodge action - that include spider forms, which allows ceiling walking to create the disco ball of death moving around a room out of melee reach.

I’m surprised I’ve never seen this build being abused.


I play with a group where we love to help out the DM with adventures; this is a batch of dragonoids I’m printing for our combats in a 5e Dragonlance campaign.

I print them, another player paints them, we all benefit from adding to the realism with 3D models. As a DM I love it when players help add to the realism of the game, and our DM trusts us not to push too much but to help if asked.

Just wanted to throw out this slice of gaming life in case it sparks ideas for anyone. Printing minis, building terrain, helping with play lists.. this can all help make the DM job easier and make a better game experience for everyone.

Or buy pizza. No one minds if you buy pizza.

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