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An art does not need to be useful like a painting on a wall does not need to serve a purpose other than being a painting. This particular art performance is intended to send a message about the climate disaster that we're heading into. I'm sure in the museum there will be an adequate explanation either from the tour guide or some plate.

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I think that would decrease the artistic value and the message impact. There is just something about an actual human doing something that could send a message via art that a machine just cannot replicate.

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Why do we have teachers then? Listening and watching is absolutely a valid strategy of learning. You just need to make sure that the speakers are trustworthy on the subject.

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The one that passes could be the next shot and OP is too panicked to hear the second bang.

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...timestamp is signed? Why?

Edit: Oh damn, I never noticed that the timestamp is indeed signed. For anyone curious, it is mostly historical as early C didn't really have a concept of unsigned

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Aye, fair point. I never consider the fact that people should do the refill which is indeed a risky process lol.

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Yeah, but I wouldn't assume every model is the same tho but that's just me.

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And if said person needs to use it that many times, hence the answer. It is a playful answer but not helpful. They could've stated at the end if it is indeed refillable

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Math is also used to make a statement/model our universe. And we are still trying to find the theory to unify quantum mechanics and gravity. What if our math is simply inconsistent hence the theory of everything is not possible within the current mathematical framework?

Sure when you are solving the problems it is useless to ponder about it, but it serves as a reminder to also search for other ideas and not outright dismiss any strange new concept for a mathematical system. Or more generally, any logical system that follows a set of axioms. Just look at the history of mathematics itself. How many years before people start to accept that yes imaginary numbers are a thing.

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Oh, what if the Riemann hypothesis is such a statement then? Or any other mathematical statement. We may not have any use for them now, but as with all things math, they are sometimes useful somewhere unexpected.

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No, see Gödels Incompleteness theorem

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So I usually browse the internet at random and sometimes stumble upon some interesting games. Today as I was going to sleep however, I remember I saw a game that I cannot for the life of me find the name again. Not even in my search history (as I regularly wipe those). Can anyone help me find it again? Here is what I know:

  • I didn't find it from steam. And if I remember it correctly, the developer doesn't publish it there either.
  • The game website is quite "old" IMHO. Their website is styled like space with galaxy and stuff.
  • The game features advertised on the very front page is freedom to become anything. Either a trader or even space mercenary
  • I remember the screenshot of the game UI is like stellaris, with a star view, ship control and such
  • I don't really remember if the game is online only or not. But most likely not

I know that seems very generic but I am really hyper focused on finding it and failing. I think I also found the game by recommendation somewhere on lemmy.

Edit: It is Starsector

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