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Never leave a paper trail. It's an outdated term now because it applies to emails and texts and everything else too.

Meet and talk in person. Pay with cash. Say nothing over email and phone that you wouldn't want someone spying on you to see.

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This is how I felt about Roe being overturned several years ago. It would unleash hell on Republicans and make them incredibly unpopular, but it would not be worth the cost of women suffering.

And unfortunately, I was right. It has proved utterly disastrous to Republicans, but a lot of women have suffered. People have had to go through pain and experiences that no one should ever have to -- except perhaps the conservative SCOTUS justices, Trump, and Republican senators.

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Insulation can only do so much. It's sufficient in some countries and areas of the US, but in others it's just way too fucking hot. When it gets to 100+ degrees F during the day for multiple days in a row, insulation isn't going to keep your house cold for long.

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I should start taking multivitamins again...

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Makes me wonder actually how badly this'll backfire. Students are inevitably going to ask their teachers why death penalties exist or other things like this.

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You forgot the most important line!

"Thou shalt use these commandments as the foundation of law in a country called the United States of America in the year 1776 after killing my son"

C'mon it's so iconic

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Frankly it's in Xi's best benefit to not invade Taiwan, because it would cause a collapse of the One China policy. China benefits considerably from the current policy that's ambiguous on recognizing Taiwan. The moment they invade though, that goes away, and it becomes inevitable that Taiwan gains international recognition as independent -- presuming the US helps repel an invasion.

If there's anything we've learned though from the last few years, it's that seemingly intelligent world leaders can make idiotic decisions that go against their best interest -- namely Putin and Ukraine. Xi strikes me as the type of person to keep yesmen like Putin, and that means he could make just as foolish a mistake.

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You haven't posted any articles about Israel's genocide either. Should I presume you tacitly approve of what Israel is doing?

Articles like this are important, because they illustrate an awful human behavior we need to condemn. Jewish people are completely separate from Israel, and antisemitism is completely separate from criticism of Israel. By conflating the two, you push Netanyahu's agenda. He'd love nothing more than to say Israel is the same as Jewish people and any act or criticism is antisemitic.

Should there have been no criticism or discussion of the US internment of Japanese during WW2? Should there have been no coverage of abuse and harassment against Muslims after 9/11? What about the spate of anti Asian violence during Covid?

Fuck that. Collective punishment is wrong. It's difficult to change the policies and actions of a different country, but it's easier to call out reactive domestic shitheads and policies and demand change there. Human history is full of collateral/collective punishment like this when a shitty group of people do something awful -- and it falls on good, intelligent people to recognize that it's evil of the shitty group and of the reactionaries, and to call out both.

Don't assume everyone here is an idiot. We're capable of recognizing this event as awful while simultaneously criticizing Israel. And we can condemn this act without becoming sympathetic to Israel.

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There is a terrible trend of people blaming Jewish people overall for what Israel is doing -- and ironically, some of Israel's sharpest critics are Jewish.

Some people are incapable of realizing that Jewish people are not the same as Israel, and in doing so, they play right into Netanyahu's hand. Antisemitism is completely separate from criticism of Israel, but Netanyahu would love for people to believe it's one and the same.

People who want revenge against Jews in the West for what Israel's doing are no different than those who interned the Japanese in WW2 or demonized all Muslims after 9/11. It's collective punishment and it's wrong.

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said it reaffirmed American support for the Tibetan right to self-determination

This is a subtle stab at China. The CCP loves talking about sovereignty and self determination as a defense for their actions, but it's also projection for their actions in Tibet and the South China Sea.

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I don't understand his angle here. He clearly has some sort of agenda, but I haven't figured it out. Maybe he's betting that this will turn some Democrats and moderates against Biden? But that requires believing that Netanyahu is telling the truth, which I don't think a lot of Israel supporters necessarily do.

Either way, this is weird. Maybe he's talking about the bombs that weren't sent for Rafah? But getting pissed about one halted shipment out of everything they've been given is just fucking hilarious.

My guess -- he's aware his support is dwindling, and he's trying to salvage it by blaming everyone else. Or, he's daring the US to stop all shipments, but that would probably destroy his remaining support too.

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You're feeding right into what Netanyahu wants, you realize? He would like to speak for all Jews and tie them all to Israel.

And he's completely wrong. American is a nationality. Judaism is a religion and culture. They are not mutually exclusive.

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Not much info at time of posting what prompted the man to do so

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This article is absolutely infuriating. I'd like to say I'm surprised to see people with such vitriol, but this isn't a surprise.

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Edit: It looks like the argument here is that the US is not calling for an instant ceasefire, but instead saying that one is very important to have. China and Russia say it should be immediate. The US also tied it to hostage talks.

Another resolution is in the works to call for an immediate ceasefire, but the US is expected to veto it because they believe it could endanger hostage talks.

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This is an excellent article. It follows an Israeli peace activist and a Palestinian peace activist who work together with a group that believes communication between Israelis and Palestinians is paramount to having a peaceful resolution.

What it does really well is highlight how the two of them talk past each other and don't realize it -- one of them makes an innocuous comment, and the other thinks it's something bad but doesn't speak up necessarily.

The article also provides really good perspective on how misinformation and fog of war are affecting the conflict. It highlights situations where Israelis are lied to and shown selective news, and where Palestinians are lied to and shown selective news.

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The article has a fantastic line about how Johnson's views are so out of step, even the majority of the conservative justices on the supreme court don't champion them. He agrees with Thomas, and Thomas is exceptionally unique in just how insanely conservative he is.

As a fun bonus, the article also has quotes of him praising Trump, if you ever wanted to see the moral bankruptcy of evangelicals laid completely bare to see.

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He still refuses to budge, even after Republicans were eviscerated on election day for abortion. They're going to keep getting hit for it until they can rein in true believers like Tuberville.

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This is a fantastic opinion piece by Sanders that lays it out the situation before the Hamas attack, the current situation, and what should be done. He lays out several requirements for peace that aid to Israel should be contingent on. He also notes that Hamas is hurting the Palestinians, which is a detail very few mention.

He's also one of the first people I've seen try to take a stab at what a lasting solution needs to be -- two states, Netanyahu ousted, Hamas destroyed, foundations of Palestinian civil government created.

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The article provided a good overview of the situation and firsthand accounts, plus marked up maps. The maps make it clear just how ridiculous their claims are. It's like a modern "manifest destiny" philosophy.

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Democrats won 56-44 in a NH district which Trump barely won in 2020. Encouraging news!

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