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Nothing to see here. According to 72.ru, one of the most likely reasons to fall out of window is "heart conditions". No joke. Source: https://72.ru/text/incidents/2023/12/28/73068230/ - "One of the most likely causes - heart problems, - our interlocutor clarified." - Translation by Firefox Translations.

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The authorities of the Volgograd region have found a way to compensate for the injury of a (Russian) mobilized

Exclusives Yesterday, 07:55 Author: Alexey Vasiliev

On New Year's Eve, the wife of mobilized Oleg Rybkin, Irina from the Volgograd region, received two buckets of carrots and a bag of onions as a gift from the administration. In this way, the authorities noted the serviceman’s merits. He himself was injured and needs knee replacement surgery, but the procedure is not performed on him.

Rybkin, 45, was mobilized on September 25, 2022, just four days after Putin announced his conscription to the front. The man received the summons right at his work at TeploEnergoSystems. He was given the requirement to appear at the military registration and enlistment office at 9 a.m., and at 11 a.m. the man was already taken away. There was no medical examination at the test site, Irina Rybkina told the Moscow Region. A week before receiving the summons, the man contracted Covid. The training lasted about three weeks. By the end of October, Rybkin was already in the trenches.

In June, Oleg found himself near the village of Rabotino, Zaporozhye region. It was in this area that one of the main stages of the Ukrainian counteroffensive took place. The soldier was wounded in the abdomen, liver, kidneys and legs. The right knee joint was destroyed.

The man’s first operation was performed in a local hospital, then he was transferred to a hospital in Sevastopol. There he underwent abdominal surgery, but his knee joint was left untouched. Oleg underwent rehabilitation in hospitals in St. Petersburg. The military medical commission established the mobilized category "G" (temporarily unfit).

After rehabilitation and leave, the untreated mobilized was returned to his unit. A month later he was sent home again, but for 30 days. All this, Oleg was in unbearable pain and his leg was in sharp pain. “He has severe pain, his knee cannot straighten, and he cannot walk without crutches. She’s on painkillers and sleeping pills,” the woman tells MO.

Traumatologists in the Volgograd region recommended that the mobilized man undergo a knee replacement procedure. But such an operation is unprofitable for Oleg’s command, Irina claims. In this case, the soldier will have to be written off, paid 3 million rubles in compensation and assigned a lifelong pension.

“What vegetables, what gifts, do I need to replace my husband’s joint and get him discharged! The Ministry of Defense doesn’t want to change me, they send me to a sanatorium. It is not profitable for them to have a joint replacement: if they do, then they must be given category D, and this is completely unsuitable for military service, plus pay a lifetime pension, like a military serviceman, and a larger payment. Today he saw the surgeon and said, now you’ll go to a sanatorium, work out your leg and be ready to go to the front. When he was in St. Petersburg for rehabilitation, they stopped working on his leg, because it doesn’t work out, he has bone fragments there, they need to be removed and a joint replacement done,” says the woman. Now the man is in the unit, moving only on crutches.

Buckets of vegetables are the only help the family has received from the state so far. “They called me and said that you are supposed to. I was at work, they brought my mother-in-law. The administration obliges local farmers, those who grow it here, to help, in quotes,” said Irina MO. Last year, a woman and her son were invited to the Christmas tree, and they were also given a sweet gift from the Ministry of Defense, but only in March.

Source: https://pointmedia.io/story/658a86cda509d9dd53cad114

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Well I'm not a doctor but that seriously looks like the definition of restless legs syndrome.

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This tank no longer requires a firmware upgrade.

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TLDR: 14 years of Earth resources was saved.


"The liquidation of ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kyva is a special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine.

This was confirmed by "Babel" sources in the security forces.

Kiva was shot. Russian media reports that the body was found in the suburbs of Moscow.

  • With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Ilya Kiva fled to Moscow. He actively advocated the occupation of Ukraine and engaged in Kremlin propaganda. In particular, on the broadcast of the propaganda show, he appealed to Putin to eliminate President Zelenskyi and his entourage and added that this is "the only possibility to stop this madness - the elimination of terrorists."
  • The next day, March 15, 2022, the Verkhovna Rada voted to strip Kyva of her parliamentary mandate. In March of last year, he was declared an international wanted man.
  • The court found the former deputy guilty of treason, public calls for violent change and overthrow of the constitutional order, as well as using symbols of the communist totalitarian regime and public calls for aggressive war. Kiva was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Author: Anna Kholodnova"

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Oh, nothing like the famous Russian breakfast Ukrainian-style. A sip of vodka and 3rd degree burns in your dead, rotting body.

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On November 6, 2003, the Fedora Project released the Fedora Core 1. One day and twenty years later, we’re pleased to bring you Fedora Linux 39.

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Russian Warship, Go Fuck Yourself Русский военный корабль, иди на хуй


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