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Posey, who uses the stage name Mona Liza Million

I fucking love that the settlement matches the stagename.

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I've read your line 5 times now and have no idea what you're on about.

Ohhhh the subheader in the article

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Wedge issue.

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See if you can get it on the used market. Some people find charging doesn't fit in their lifestyle unfortunately.

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Do you have a source for that?

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Yes, that's the reason for the boot covers and water proof pants. I forgot to add that to my reply.

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It can however be transmitted from the cows coughing, through shared water, and through their raw milk. These workers need water proof pants, slathered in Iodoform, boot covers, masks, and gloves. The milking carousel needs to be sanitized, their hay may even need to be under a UV lamp. It's a lot of work, it's necessary work, but it's a LOT more than just gloves.

We do agree that even the simplistic measures of masks and gloves aren't being taken and that is egregious.


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I think there's a larger conversation than just providing gloves. Look at Bovine TB in the UK, or the first H1N1 outbreak in the early aughts.

We need to address the welfare of not only the laborers, but also the animals. 10 will get you 20 that this can be traced back to Tyson and it's horrible requirements for housing and butchering chickens.

A LOT more needs to be regulated than just wearing gloves.





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This isn't about immediately filtered content, like the disgusting DuffMan George Floyd meme, or Holocaust denial. That's pretty well kept in check by mod tools. I'm also not talking about cogent or even pointed political discussion.

I'm not even talking about necessarily in this community directly, however in a lot of other spaces I've noticed a lot of accounts using divisive language and terms like "The ineffectual left" "single issue voters" "ignorant right wing morons". Lots of straw man arguments, lots of willful ignorance.

I'm not a centrist, I'm very very very far left however I know well enough not to patently dismiss the talking points of others, outside of course calls to genocide. I know what dog whistles sound like, and I'm hearing a lot of them lately.

Most egregiously I'm seeing very long form post replies that read very much like what is generated from LLMs.

So I guess my question is, how're we all fairing with what might be the largest Turing test ever?

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