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Well, that sucks.

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Better than spending it giving tax breaks to the rich or subsidising companies that are destroying the planet.

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Yeah cause leaving companies and the super rich to self regulate has worked so well.

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I hope you never experience crippling depression where it takes all your mental energy just to get out of bed and shower, where, the thought of doing anything more is just too much.

Exercise is wonderful, and yes helps massively. But depression is a feedback loop. You know exercise (or going to therapy) will make you feel better, but depression stops you, so you start beating yourself up about how much of a worthless piece of shit stain person you are because yes, you're right it is, on you and you're making your depression worse you can't even fucking help yourself you lazy fucking cunt arse piece of shit fucker. And society thinks you're a lazy fat useless slob who is no good to anyone and what's the point of it anyway. What's the point of trying to help yourself when you'll just fuck it up anyway like you fuck up everything because you're a useless waste of oxygen.

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That's lovely but as the article tucks away at the end pretty unrealistic.

When people experience more severe forms of depression simply offering exercise may not be completely helpful, for example, when someone is struggling to get out of bed let alone get to the gym.

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Why is your Google calling them zip codes? VPN to the states?

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It wouldn't make it easier to arrange meetings because you'd have no clue if you were arranging the meeting for when people would be at work, have finished for the day, or fast asleep at night.

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Pays for Bruce Banner to have therapy and anger management to work through his PTSD and anger issues.

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's not in the public sphere but your private collection, so you do you chap.

In my opinion privately owned art of a high enough cultural value should either not be allowed to be privately owned, or if it is then it should have to be on permanent loan to free admission public galleries. But that's not the case.

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GCU The Gravitas Meme is so Last Year: I'm gonna sort out that extension event, then we should probably send a couple of Special Circumstances operatives to guide them in the right direction. In the past picosecond I've absorbed and analysed their global information net so know exactly what actions we need to take to give them the correct nudge.

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Not this shit again

Khannnnn (

Shamelessly taken from b3ta

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