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He didn't really start anything, he just bought in mostly. Point stands though, thinking Elon can't use a stable distro is silly.

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These assholes sent me two broken gpus on a warranty claim for a 2080s that died 8 months after purchase. They ghosted me after the second one arrived with one of the fans stuck at max rpm, after the first one arrived bricked. It took 3 months total for the process before they just stopped responding to me. They deserve any shit they have coming, fuck Asus.

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From an American perspective with a partner who is a psychologist(who was a psychotherapist for many years before getting their PhD), the lack of diagnostic privilege for psychotherapists(at least here) is mostly bureaucratic exclusion by old head psychologists who don't think someone with six years of higher education and 2000 hours of practice under supervision after those degrees can observe that someone is suffering from ptsd, depression, etc and be treated for it. They also want the money for it themselves, because insurance won't cover treatment without a diagnosis, so they want to be the gate keepers so you have to pay them hundreds of dollars, a lot of times not covered by insurance to get treated.

Diagnosis isn't even treatment, you still have to see a prescriber like a nurse practitioner that will confirm the diagnosis and then prescribe the meds(at least this will be covered by insurance)

Luckily the tides are changing here with ways for licensed psychotherapists to diagnose with 500 extra hours of supervision so that people can receive the longterm talk therapy care they deserve, at prices they can actually afford, while also being medically supported not through an anti-depressant mill like you stated, which is a common way for psychologists to maximize earnings with volume.

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Is this just taxes with extra steps?

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Rip Wayland user

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And it's wrong lol

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The track where he sings about his new keyboard tech goes harder than it should. That whole album is great.

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I actually think Pretty Odd is this best thing they ever did, but most people who love Fever objectively hate the non emo outing.

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Songs for the Deaf. A very brief moment QOTSA existed in that form and nothing before or after even gets close.

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The cats are definitely fake.

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