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They probably went crazy from an intense rat infestation. That's probably hard.

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I would never click a link from a bad faith arguement in my life. The meat industry is hurting and you're a weak little pawn.

Edit: the user commie is, at best, a troll. The graph they have shown for meat production is simply a reflection of the growong world population. Meat is hurting and the people who work that industry aren't doing well, as in this fellow.

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Of course spending trends affect the market. Meat processing facilities are slowly closing all over.

Not that this bullshit, empty-headed comment warranted a reply.

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Or let them capture stuff like "the fitness requirements of our police force are a national shame."

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The fact that anyone bothers to give recipes negative attention is already weird.

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Before you buy a house it's best to invite as many professionals as you know to come look it over. Contractors are always going to be expensive, and they're only human so plumbers, electricians, landscapers, if you can, have them look over the house. We didn't do our due diligence and it's been a pain in the ass.

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Your skepticism based on nothing. Giving them your money supports their negative impact.

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And then will come the time the doctor forbids most of these but you still can't have falafel because it's deep fried.

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I love american chinese food so much, but the last place I got Buddah's delight was definitely a bunch of canned stuff mixed in a bowl with the saddest fried tofu ever. I have messed up some tofu and this was worse.

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It's almost a haiku. Six, five, six. Explains the flow. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I've been had.

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Shit, I guess we should ask them not to be friends, but that's my cheese.


Trader Joe's has amazing chorizo, Violife from Costco for the ultimate bargain, sundried tomatoes from BJ's, and the spouse buys the nooch in insane quantities from some mysterious source.

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