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Bold of you to assume that Russia simps care about facts.

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A few scratches are nothing. Just let the cat take your hand, and it'll be fine.

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Knowing what the Russian government truly are, the best outcome for Ukrainians in that case is a cultural genocide, with Ukrainian being banned and they'll be forced to learn Russian. This is already the case of territories currently or formerly under occupation.

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Maybe his ring would get a lot of Ukrainian kids human trafficked to them in case of a Russian victory.

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What if I visit the community/magazine without posting? How do they know?

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I think a Trump win could mean at least soldiers being sent to Gaza and Ukraine being handed over to Putin in the name of "peace", which would fuel the territorial ambitions of other dictators. A lot of Hungarians are still mad about Treaty of Trianon, see Slovaks as a "fake nation created by the Habsburgs/Jews/communists", and this is only my country. China has it's own territorial ambitions, so are most other regimes.

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That is like the most terminally online language I've seen in one of these memes...

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7777 33 66 3 0 66 88 3 33 7777

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Ow lad he's coming

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Gaming's problem isn't wokeness, but are overbloated budgets and scope.

VTuber rule (media.kbin.social)
Autism rule (media.kbin.social)
Abandoon all tanks (media.kbin.social)

Note 1: Do not harass anyone! It does not help the victim, and potentially just can garner sympathy to whoever the perpetrator is.

Note 2: Mafumafu did not specifically name Mikeneko, however everything about A-san lines up perfectly. He probably can't name whoever is she as he might have had to sign an NDA. So unless there's coincidentally another female creator with very similar life...

Full text of translation of Mafumafu's statement: https://twitter.com/idkbria/status/1750906672384503868

Long story short: After an article in a Japanese magazine have revealed his marriage, Mafumafu had to go explain some further details on his situation. He detailed his relationship, and the abuse he received, especially the extreme jealousy.

During the divorce settlement, multiple people, including A-san have harassed Mafumafu as a cheater and domestic abuser. There's also some accusations that Mafumafu have killed A-san's blind cat, which hurt him the most.

Since events are matching up with A-san being an online personality who's returning in a new form and the death of a blind cat, people are believing she was Mikeneko. One another thing is, when Mikeneko worked for Hololive and the whole drama has just started, Hololive only said the talent's private life is up to the talent, and did not deny accusation of the two dating and/or being married. https://twitter.com/ziltoid1991/status/1751260196494582165

Rulekeeper (media.kbin.social)
Scientist rule (media.kbin.social)

Recently I'm seeing more and more fashy people hailing AI "art", and while I might have made a Twitter thread on the subject a year ago, I want to dig deeper in what lies behind the scenes, besides of "woke mind virus", "the transes were mean to my VTuber oshi for plaing the wizard game, billions must die", "artists are not REAL workers, thus they must learn to weld" (which itself can be an art), etc. I want to write an article about the subject.

I personally see and even experience fascistic work ethics on a daily basis (I live in Hungary), however I still need to see the underlying workings, also I can point the readers to further investigate such things. Also I need more context for fascism's relationship to art besides futurism (will be very relevant to geek gatekeeping), marble pillars, and "returning to tradition by honoring the great masters".


I'm mainly looking for some software development type of job (preferably withing the game industry), but anything else would be fine as long as I get to make above minimum wage, as I'm currently below it, thanks to Hungary's half-assed "public employment" program (they hire people for government institutes for half the minimum wage in certain positions, in order to "give work, not money").

Unfortunately for me, in Hungary, we not only barely have any cooperatives, but also it's one of the countries that gave the term "worker cooperative" a very bad name after nationalizing them in the 50's, then no longer running as such. On top of all of this, I also don't have a college degree (mandatory for most developer positions, since besides having big names on your resume as past employment, is the only metric the Hungarian HR understands), I face discrimination due to being autistic (they read it as "not confident looking, thus not skilled", once they also asked my brother if I bite people for no reason), etc. I'm more than willing to eventually relocate, but first I would need to spend some money on my health too.

Ruledin (media.kbin.social)
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