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Firefox is loving every week of this as they head towards launch. Market share is guaranteed to improve.

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22 places sorted by traveler favorites

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Utah added about 38,200 new jobs in the 12-month period between October 2022 and October 2023, a 2.2% year-over-year increase.

The unemployment rate, adjusted for seasonal variations, remained near historic lows at just 2.7%, but it was rising, having gone up a tenth of a percentage point from the previous month, according to figures reported by the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

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Didn’t know about SponsorBlock until all this started. So many just found out ad blocking is possible.

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As a developer, I’ve only had people request removal of Twitter. They’d rather lose the bird than add an X.

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This week’s Southern Utah Events Guide features the HorrorFest, OSU: Our Radiant World, Halloween activities, theater, markets, art shows, local live music, and more.

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The Bureau of Land Management approved the Rodatherm Geothermal Test Bed project in September. The project’s site is roughly 6 miles east of the Mineral Mountains and approximately 12 miles north of Milford, Landon Newell told Cedar City News. Newell works as a staff attorney with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.

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If they haven’t reached deals with AI companies by limiting the API, then why haven’t they returned access to third party app developers? They obviously see how far their engagement and quality has dropped.

I won’t use their official app, ever.

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Streaming platforms are all joining in on the enshitification process.

Soon, people will join one service for one month then switch to the next.

After that, they will all begin contracts to “lock in the price.” Possibly in bundle agreements with multiple providers.

That’s when the full transition to $120+ cable costs returns, but in streaming format.

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YouTube is WHY I have adblockers to this day. I was Ok with the ads at the beginning and end. When they started cramming 2-3 ads in the middle of a 10 minute video, that’s when I started looking for a solution.

Their greed is why they make $0 from me many years later.

I think it’s rich they aren’t happy with people using them when they’re the ones that made the standard viewing experience awful in the first place.

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If we stopped the economy and stopped all emissions worldwide, this progression would still occur for more than 2 decades.

This is just the beginning for stuff we did since y2k.

By the time we actually make serious change, it will be far too late.

Happy Sunday. Enjoy football.

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It’s not the rebrand that’s killing Twitter. Elon is. He’s proving to himself that he cannot, in fact, run Twitter better than the prior owners.

Cedar Breaks star gazing party (ironcountytoday.com)
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Every week on Friday, Saturday, Sunday from July 30-October 14, the Cedar Breaks Rangers invite you to a dark night “Star Gazing Party.” They begin at 6:30pm at the North View Overlook with solar observing and continuing until approximately 11pm with stargazing and constellation observing with telescopes. Rangers will offer Astronomy talks at 8:00pm and 9:30pm each night.

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I’ve been “striking” for a long time now, against junk TV in general. There’s an occasional awesome show that delivers but 95% of it is low-effort junk TV like dating, survival, cooking and other shows like it.

I haven’t had live TV in years and it’s quite shocking to see what the average user deals with. Junk TV + ads that play 30% of the time is absolutely insane.

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A few larger moderators I know personally are saying they aren’t enjoying the new Reddit experience and at least one says they plan to leave within a few months.

What really isn’t being talked about is the fractured trust. None of them feel they are maintaining their own community anymore. They feel like they are maintaining a subreddit for Reddit’s profit ambitions. That’s a huge distinction.

The other side is just being forced to moderate via the website or their trash app. They hate the experience now. If you were a mobile-only moderator, you hate it now, almost guaranteed.

Then the bot detection network and everything else shutting down is making the free service they provide feel more and more like a job vs “for the good feeling of building a community.”

Reddit won’t die overnight but it will continue to decay with users slowly making their exit to other platforms.

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Good! Hope to see the same stories about Reddit and other major social media platforms that have taken steps to prioritize profit over the community.

The users are your golden apple. Abuse them, the apple turns sour.

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Elon, please buy Reddit and repeat your amazing ideas over there. You are so smart.

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