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The moment I get an ad is the moment I stop watching it. I survived for many years without cable or internet, I'll do just fine without youtube

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Do.... Do people care what the REAL scarlet Johansson, Jennifer Aniston or Elton John have to say about Ukraine defending itself and it's people against a fascist invasion?

I mean, I find their stuff entertaining, sure, but like.... Why would I listen to their tactical analysis in the first place?

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Oh no, not again.

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I went to a celtic festival earlier today and there was a (male presenting) person in a dress you would expect to see on a docudrama about Jack the Ripper.

Inside this lady of the evening dress was the hariest person I have ever seen in a dress. Take that dark dense patch in the center of rikers chest, put that all over the exposed breast area, the upper back, arms, huge beard, very dense hairy legs. And all of it fiery orange.

That might be approaching "too much" territory, but I gotta say, what we have seen on star trek so far has been alopecia by comparison.

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Honestly if that's even brought up, I will be amazed.

I sick and tired of people softballing questions at politicians, and even when they do lob a mildly difficult question, they never follow up or press when it's immediately dismissed.

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Please drink Verification Can.

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In the words of Dr. Westphalen (who was paraphrasing Admiral Farragut), "Damn the torpedoes, and full speed ahead!"

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I usually go with "long story shorter..." because I know no matter how much I try to condense things, my explanation will be long simply due to my need to over-explain.

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You know, I really want to see things from piped over them...

But every time I try to watch, I get either an endlessly spinning broken circle, or "error: sign in to prove you aren't a bot" and I'm not gonna jump through hoops when a non-hoopy alternative is just.... Don't use the service.

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Oh, their position can absolutely be changed.

It's just that not enough of the American people are quite there yet.

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It's like making the new guy wear the hot pink safety vest when he forgot his normal hi-vis.

Or making the recruit carry the log "rifle" when they forget something for their service weapon.

So far the only people to be repeat Helmet of Shamers are people who want to wear the ridiculous helmets.

Which I'm fine with. My wife often wears the unicorn helmet. Sometimes I wear the purple silicone Mohawk one with her just because.

It works.

And if someone couldn't afford a good fitting helmet, I will happily go with them to buy one so I'm sure it's a proper fit. Too many people wear helmets loosely or a size too large/fitted large.

My original excuse for not wearing a helmet was "it's too expensive for a good one so why bother" but my first crash, I immediately went to get a helmet when I went out the following day. Had to be driven home because I couldn't even walk for a few hours thanks to the thrashing my legs took. Had that been my head, I'd be dead.

So yeah, I WILL shame people for not wearing a helmet when they're perfectly able to. But it's like... Pretty mild in terms of "shame" in my opinion.

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It can be from any series, and if you want to pick a favorite from each show go ahead.

Picture very much related.

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In order to heal someone, first you gotta have something to heal. Loads rifle with medical intent

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Tooootally unrelated, I've already made it to Voyager.

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Then again, with how much can be done casually by literally anyone who is on the ship, not just starfleet personnel, what even is privacy anymore in 2380?

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I would actually love this.

Maybe not the upper pylons getting kawhooshed, but a parallel world episode or like.... Literally even a holodeck gone mad episode.

Obrien could take out some of his frustration as Cowen of the Genii.

He shows such mercy (startrek.website)
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Really, what do they expect? Mental Healthcare is more or less nonexistent everywhere he goes.

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