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Very few countries, if any, give legal preferance to one ethnicity except for israel. China is almsot entirely chinese people, but if a white person moves there they are not discriminated against by the government.

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Anything that suggests you believe the current state of the world is acceptable outs you as a lib. Saying things like "Yeah Biden's got some problems, but at least he didn't do a few of the things trump did." If you believe that things would have been fine were it not for trump, you're a lib. Or a moron, I cant always tell the difference.

Heres a great summary of liberalism: "If we put forward good policies into the politics machine, then other people will too, and because I have absolute faith in the system established by a bunch of slave owners, whatever comes out MUST be just and good." Which of course implies that if the result you want or need DOESNT come out of the politics machine, it is right and just that you should not get it.

Like, they fundamentally don't realize that the politics machine is capable of breaking, and that it has been broken for a LONG time (basically the moment it was asked to value the needs of someone who wasn't wealthy, white, and male.)

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"I'm sorry sir, I thought this PS4 was bananas".

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FWIW, I think that episode is one of the weakest early season episodes. It's somehow both too explicit and not explicit enough, because their world doesn't make any sense beyond simply "capitalism". The rest are a lot more in the realm of existential horror and questioning the morality of things. Black mirror just isn't a good medium for an explanation of why capitalism is evil.

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2 I think, though I don't remember the other one that's not White Christmas.

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Presumably the Yacht had engine trouble and he and Crowe are on an island with Ginger, Maryanne, and the captain.

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How many people celebrate Christmas, comparatively?

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The problem is, it doesn't really measure the risk of lending, it measures the profitability of lending. And it results in people who probably shouldn't be loaned money being taken advantage of by corporations.

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The requirement was never "Biden calls for a ceasefire". It was "Biden forces a ceasefire and stops selling weapons to a genocidal state." Also everyone who y'all call a Russian troll is just a leftist that you disagree with.

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