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hewwo everyfurry(including minimal amounts of hair)!! :3

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oh wait does the gif work? in Jerboa it shows like a link and opens it as a video

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Clearly, you dont own an All Natural Calming Product BITE SIZE SOFT CHEWS Helps Anxiety and Nervous Behaviour

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omg I went to that link in the watermark and it redirected me to youtube with the search query "factory farming" and it confused me so much x3

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omg I thought this was 196 and got reminded of The Snail


made out of this lust flag I found on reddit, I lost the link xP but the subreddit was vexicollogy or however u say that

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I genuinely cant read any of the pencil text apart from the sarcastic extra questions x3

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LOL just saw X3 it looks "fine" (well, not fine but bigger X3) in Jerboa

Is this better?


A very very VERY modly image of a lil tiny tabby cat putting its paw on their human's open hand while mysteriously looking to the side with the barely readable top text "1st rule of buddy system" and bottom text "always(?) hold hands"

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Actually I can see all of those but the two last ones x3

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Ok now its deltarune remixes and terraria calamity mod songs and other random similar music

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I made this post while listening to FNAF songs cuz apparently Soundbound thought it was FNAF time

Prepare for the horrors
This night will keep repeating over and over
And over
Until you make it to the e-eeend
They hide 'round the corners
You better peel your eyes and keep looking over
Your shoulder
'Cause you'll never be alone a-gain
[Groovy 8-bit music]


The song "Furries in a Blender" on Soundbound but when I open the "lyrics" theyre just an insanely long list of literally every single SCP

And here's a second image showing the bottom of the list ending with SCP-3999, "I Am At The Center Of Everything That Happens To Me". And some more text saying:

SCP-4000 - SCP-4999 SCP-5000 - SCP-5999 Archived Pages Any pages in a new thousand range will be added in their own separate page as this will stop lag buffer and long lyric pages. Link separate pages corresponding to the series (E.X. SCP Series VII). While optional, putting parentheses after the series # can help others find what they're looking for (E.X. (6000-6999))

Sometimes songs in Soundbound have super long random text as lyrics that looks like when u copy all the text in a web page full of pop-ups and ads or just have the wrong lyrics but this was a surprise x3 kinda fun scrolling with both my hands as fast as I can and see how it keeps going and going x3 no idea why the hell this happens :p

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ohhh yes it did! ty! :3


I had ticked the Hide Votes box since I started using Jerboa but after I opened the app today posts show votes as tiny text above the post (pretty sure it used to be bigger and next to the upvote button) And I cant find a setting to hide votes anywhere

rule (

๐Ÿ’ ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’ฎ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’ 
๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿงฆ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

thats it thats the whole post :3


Translated text

Customers who bought this product also bought:
Nintendo - Pokemon Violet 46,99โ‚ฌ
DRESHOW - 4 Pairs Women's Sexy Elastic Stockings [...] from 7,99โ‚ฌ

The product was this garter belt with a pentagram on it

Recommended for you according to alisikee 2 adjustable garter belt in the shape of a [...]Pokemon Violet 46,99โ‚ฌUrban Coco Women [...] (skirt) 17,98 โ‚ฌ


text: I dont have a "God complex" Im actually pretty good at it

image: too lazy to properly describe rn xP but basically a badass anime girl with a very elaborate crown looking thing and a staff or spear or something and uhhh thats all that my brain can do right now x3 I found it here near the botton of the page



(pic unrelated)

who's ur favorite Sailor Moon sailor soldier

and mlp pony

and anything else too


Things I've done today โœจ

  • Cry

  • Watch Sailor Moon


Instead of: Do you want to chat? -- Hello -- I can help with that -- You're beautiful -- [readable english]

Say: does an evil girl need a henchman? -- meowzz >w< hewwo!! -- yes miss! o7 -- hgjhnhjhnbjbg- awawawawawa >//< -- [nearly incomprehensible sleepy keysmashing]

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image: the head of an anime catgirl drawn in black and white blushing with her mouth open and tongue slightly out

text: u can be my pet I have a matrix room for most of my pets where u can talk about whatevs or get as kinky as u want or just go meow mew hugs u mrr all the time and worship me >:3 Actually everyone here is officially my pet now This cant be reverted

And also anyone that sees this post, u cant escape >:3

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