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Ah okay, that solves my question. While it's true that I'm basically visiting totally different websites for each instance, admins only know what is happening on their server.

After reading some other sources about Lemmy I guess it's more about freedom and data resilience, than avoiding tracking and unwanted data collection

Anyways I'm glad someone gave me a detailed explanation upon my first visit - I am grateful!

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At the moment I can only think of my email address. I guess Lemmy does require less personal info (at signup)

But I could be asking, is this website actually using Lemmy code? Or is it just a random forum website that look like Lemmy? Can I verify if a site that I am visiting is part of the Fediverse?

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I think to Koreans, evading government censorship is more important than corporate tracking, algorithms, etc. because Korean law makes it easy to get sued for defamation from a comment, NSFW content is banned, North Korean websites are blocked... things like that. You can get away from corporate tracking but you still need to follow the law ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

So without a need to move to decentralized platform I think it will be difficult to make Lemmy well known.

I do have a question though, how I can trust Lemmy communities? For example if I were using Reddit, I can just trust one entity (the owners of Reddit) that they keep my data somewhat safe. But since Lemmy is hosted by many different people, I would have to trust many people at the same time!

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Thank you, I can understand this better now. So basically each instance is separate from others, but it can choose to federate with other instances. For example YuruLemmy is federating with a few other servers, and that is why I can see some (but not all) communities from other servers.

And TIL Peertube exists

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I am sorry to hear that. North Korea was all about ethnic identity, how North and South are "one" ethnic group. But now possibility of reunification is decreasing.

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Hello. I am from Korea. I heard of Lemmy while I was browsing the Korean community DCinside. I thought lemmy.world was "the" Lemmy community. But it turns out each community is hosted by different people, which are divided into smaller communities?

Lemmy is not well known in South Korea. To be honest I don't really know how this federated system works. But I do hope people can take a look at communities not funded by corporate.


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