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Skin cancer’s a killer. Can’t be too careful.

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

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Are they Scientologists too? I didn’t know that. It could explain why they’re publicly supporting him I guess.

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I commented elsewhere that I wondered if they believe he’s innocent. If they truly believe this is a miscarriage of justice could these letters be written with his appeal in mind? There’s no physical evidence as I understand, maybe they’re going for the “this guy is so sober he wouldn’t even know how to get drugs” angle? I’m just talking out of my arse now but I’m so confused by the level of support for him I can’t help but clutch at straws to try to explain it.

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I wondered if it was a “presented without comment” kinda thing? Shade on everyone without explicit condemnation? Maybe the writer was told to write a sympathetic piece and just couldn’t bring themselves to? The more I type the more wishful I realise this thinking is… 😕

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No, but I have to say I’m surprised by the non-family members writing letters of character after he had been convicted of forcible rape. It’s one thing if it’s family I guess, or if the accused had been in the throes of addiction or similar at the time and had changed. But these are people who were working with him at the time he committed these crimes and they’re all testifying about him being such a good example of sobre living and a positive influence. Do they not feel betrayed by him? Do they not believe he did it? It’s strange.

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And @SymphonicResonance is now a moderator in this community too.

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Googling his own name? Or searching for it from within Twitter maybe?

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I’m not sure it’s special enough for that. But if you can’t find anything better I could buy it for you and send it personally if you like? You wouldn’t need to order too much that way. Send me a DM if you’d like me to help 🙂

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If you’re in the UK, John Lewis sells some great own-brand loose sheets and envelopes. I used them a few years ago for a calligraphy commission. They were slightly textured but not enough to disrupt the strokes of a dip pen so they should be fine with a foundation pen. No bleeding, see through enough for a bold guide sheet. I’ll see if I can find a link.

EDIT. I think it was this one.

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Thank you for adding this. I’ll see if I can sticky it to the top for anyone who needs to see it.

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It helps being smaller I think. On Reddit it was a relief if I posted something and didn’t get insulted/downvoted into oblivion, no matter how benign it was. The nicer people here seem less afraid of getting drowned out by arseholes. I like seeing the same usernames pop up too. I see blaze and 2-3 others all the time around lemmy - always supportive, always participating in good faith and basically making lemmy a better place to be.

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How this community is moderated.

~~I’m the sole moderator here but~~ I have a couple of accounts on different instances so I can see all the comments regardless of DDoS and defederaton. My main account is [email protected] but I’m also SomeoneElse@, and You can contact me on any account.

EDIT: [email protected] has volunteered to mod with me so there are two of us now!

This community has quickly grown to 2.5k subscribers, 30 posts and a whopping 1.4k comments in just a month. Thank you to everyone who’s followed the rules and subscribed, voted, or commented. To ensure this community remains the friendly, entertaining and inclusive place it was intended to be, please report any comments that break the rules listed in the sidebar.

If you break the rules, your comment is likely to be removed. I will also message you with either a reminder to follow the rules or a warning. You get one warning. If you break the rules again, you will be banned.

Additional moderators.

So fair the vast majority of subscribers have followed the rules and discussions have been largely respectful and interesting. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed. My hope for this community is that it continues with a Lemmy feel and doesn’t turn into a Reddit 2.0. To that end I just wanted to remind everyone to read the rules in the sidebar. Please report any comments/users that break those rules.

It’s likely that I’ll need help modding this community if it continues to grow at its current pace, so if you’re interested, drop me a message. Having previous moderator experience and living in a different time zone from me (Europe, BST) would be ideal but it’s not a must by any means.

I’m open to all suggestions on how this community is run including adding or refining community rules, posting guidelines and feedback on how hands on or off you’d like the moderating team to be. Feel free to message me or comment below.

It’s good to have you here 😊

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