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Why do people keep reading dystopias as instruction books?

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Oh, I'm with you. I don't think anyone using Google VPN was using it because it protected their privacy on the Internet generally. At least I hope not.

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The NASA VPN, on the other hand

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Reasonable when the alternative is literally getting mugged on the daily?

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L stands for leap year, so that tracks.

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Then you have already lost, and are without honor.

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I remember my FIL asking each one if they were trying to supplement a living or if they were purely a for-profit capitalist venture taking advantage of an opportunity at an anti-capitalist protest.

Out of curiosity, how would he draw that line? When does it stop counting as a living and start being a purely for-profit venture?

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Not tipping doesn't fix this problem, it just makes someone get payed less.

Just in case it wasn't clear, when one is not tipping, they are very literally not giving people money. The only "people" you are giving money to are the owners of the service, not the wage workers you may otherwise have tipped.

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Nothing on Lemmy is posted on basis of "needs to be mentioned",

Literally everything on Lemmy was said for a reason. Bad reasons exist, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Tipping causes lower wages because it relieves the employers of the obligation of paying their workers. Also, I am talking about systemic change,

Tipping doesn't "cause" lower wages. Tipping becoming an expected social norm can cause that, or exacerbate it. But you as an individual choosing not to tip doesn't really impact that. It certainly doesn't effect systemic change. If the norm is already present, all you're doing is literally lowering one individual's wages by not tipping them, and if it's not then what you're doing is making a statement to that individual (ranging from "I come from America" to "you were really exceptional").

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Tipping occasionally doesn't cause this problem either.

Being vocal about never tipping implies that it's an exceptional stance for some reason. If that's the norm where you live, why does it need to be mentioned?

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Quoting the linked article:

The contract the Guild secured in September set a historic precedent: It is up to the writers whether and how they use generative AI as a tool to assist and complement—not replace—them. Ultimately, if generative AI is used, the contract stipulates that writers get full credit and compensation.

So, yeah. It's more about ensuring that a human person in the writers' guild gets credited as a writer, even if they or someone else uses an ai as a tool in the process.

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That's allowed, no?

Unless I'm mistaken, this was more about writers not wanting the studio to be able to say "we had an ai generated a script. We'll pay you a day to do a brief editing pass."

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I tend to upvote a post when it Links an interesting article or provokes an interesting conversation, and only downvote them when they voice an convectively bad opinion (like, bigotry or other unjustified vitriol).

I tend to upvote comments when they make a good point or at least try to support their argument, and only downvote them for the same reason as posts: when they are trolling, being unnecessarily aggressive, or trying to justify bigotry with fallacious reasoning or something

What about you?

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I can understand the desire to get as many downvotes as possible on reddit. I don't sympathize, but I can at least see where people are coming from. Because Reddit gives you that total and shows it to you.

And I'm sure it's possible to use an API to really that number up on Lemmy, but "total karma" doesn't seem to be something Lemmy cares about by default, so where is the motivation coming from?

Is it just the same reason people have always been trolls? Because I've never quite understood that, either

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Hey, look, it's a crappy common from the precon starter commander deck that came out as a supplemental product!

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You're right, I didn't. Don't print this.

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I think the wording on the second ability needs work, but also playtested to see if it's even viable? It's probably always either too weak or way too strong.

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Again, not as splashy as she should be, but I didn't really think I was done when I stopped working on this set.

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