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You think theres gonna be democracy after Trump? Democrats? A functioning nation? Kiss that all goodbye while your withhold your vote and help Trump win. If our voting system wasn't FPTP you'd have some recourse. But it is, so, enjoy your brand new dictatorship in November.

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Behold, our great American Institutions, smeared in red and white makeup, fastened to oversized shoes, and completed with a honking nose.

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Uses an AI image on the thumbnail lmao

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How about an executive order aimed at Amazon, Trader Joe's, SpaceX, and the rest of the cimpanies attempting to dismantle our rights as laborers?

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Think they might win their lawsuit to make all of us slaves?

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Saying someone has no balls is attacking their masculinity.

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Become ungovernable, as the Founding Fathers intended.

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I'm going to need a video of someone operating this stat.

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All of this shit is insane.

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We all need to vote like he can and will win. Vote like you're the last pale blue dot in a sea of MAGA.

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Just like no one wants to sign into Twitter to read one tweet.

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You're physically allowed to cross your legs, even as a guy. Your masculinity can't be emaciated by the way you sit.

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Just a little tired (lemmy.world)
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You were dumb too (lemmy.world)
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One of these things is not like the others.

Pioneer II (lemmy.world)
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Modding Scugs, Log 1 (self.rainworld)
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After one night in the editor I have returned with insights for the shy. It is much easier than one would think to get into.

Getting Started

To begin, follow this guide from SlugBase's own documentation. It may seem confusing at first but that guide wholly contains all you need to make a custom slugcat with no custom features or abilities.

Diving In

Once you've finished the walkthrough you'll be acclimated enough to digest this. At first you can copy the example strings into your myslugcat.json (begins as the_prototype.json if you follow the guide). This will get you going rather quickly.


you need a "world_state": "Something". Without it your slugcat will not load into campaigns or expeditions correctly. My slugcat uses "world_state": "Red" which is the hunter.

You do not need to decompile anything if you use the SlugTemplate repo and only want to add a slugcat with custom stats. If you want custom abilities or features for your slugcat, you will have to decompile the game's assembly dlls.

All information can be found in the SlugBase docs. I just found the instructions intimidating and slightly confusing at first so I made this.


That is all for now. My slugcat is already in the game, but is rather bland. I plan on adding a custom feature that allows him to traverse background objects that blue lizards use, and to hook up custom sprites using Dress My Slugcat.

To all those who did not ascend, I will see you next cycle.

Modding Scugs (self.rainworld)
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It is time to ascend our animal struggles and create our very own slugcat. I've recently gotten back into Rain World and I miss my fancy slugcats scug. So instead of being sane and using Dress My Slugcat on an existing scug, I thought I'd go the extra mile with SlugBase and create my own modded slugcat. I'm familiar with VS, C#, and Unity.

This is my first foray into modding, I plan on using the built in decompiler in VS instead of dnSpy. Any tips tricks or pointers would be appreciated. I plan on coming back with updates just to put information out there on Lemmy. As it is sparse pertaining to this topic and Lemmy deserves to host some sacred knowledge.

Breakfast Terror (lemmy.world)
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