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Let he who is without sin throw the first helicopter.

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I'd call it a Chaswozzer.

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Corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior

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Misinterpreting contextually appropriate diction is not pedantry.

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(whispers) … Harambe …

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I was wondering why this article was talking about the film in present tense:

There you have it! A news article on Godzilla Minus One in the tone of Forbes. Let me know if there are any other adjustments or additions you would like.

Thanks for the garbage.

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This is why customer service folks often keep a mirror by the phone, looking at their own faces helps to keep their emotions in check when dealing with a difficult customer.

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"This MIT-trained engineer left a big plumbing company so he could disrupt the market with an innovative product"

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In a more perfect world, people would demand union representation, and flee from "right to work" (anti-union) states.

Unfortunately the billionaires have used millions to convince the thousandaires that the hundredaires are the real threat.

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But we already know the answer to that question.

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I wonder if they still make that shampoo I like?

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It must be Thursday

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The Hu (stylized as The HU) is a Mongolian folk metal band formed in 2016. Incorporating traditional Mongolian instrumentation, including the morin khuur, the tovshuur, and throat singing, the band calls their style of music "hunnu rock", a term inspired by the Xiongnu, an ancient tribal confederation of uncertain origins, known as Hünnü in Mongolia. Some of the band's lyrics include old Mongolian war cries and poetry in the Mongolian language.

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Now that I've had a few outings on 2S and 3S packs, here is my overall assessment:

  • The brushless system (supposedly 4400kV) is crazy fast.

  • As shipped, the truck is really slammed, and does NOT want to wheelie or come off the ground. On 2S, I couldn't get it to lift at all in straight-line acceleration. On 3S, I had to lift the truck with the shock collar adjusters to get it to flip on takeoff.

  • I'm not sure why, maybe it's the higher top speed & slightly longer wheelbase, but it is a bit harder to maneuver than the smaller trucks. I was getting the hang of it after a couple of packs, but you definitely need to finesse the throttle to keep it from rolling in turns. Go in too hot and it will surely roll. It could also be the tires, which were very sticky out of the box and may get a little less aggressive as they wear down.

  • Jumping was fine from a speed/height standpoint. I was struggling with air control but I'm not very good at that anyway. My landings tumbled but it ended up on 4 wheels.

  • Quite a few tumbles but no damage.

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So I've been buying these Hyper Gos based largely on the recommendations of Tomley RC almost since they first came out. I've got two of the 1:16 models, the 16207 buggy and 16209 monster truck, and one of the 1:14 scale street bashers, the 14302 Lancia-lookalike rally car.

The 1:16 scale off roaders are damn near indestructible. I've been running both of them on 3S for more than a year, and not one single thing has broken except for some body cracks (easily addressed by trimming the body back and reinforcing with tape).

The one complaint that most owners have with these small trucks is the small battery tray. You either buy extended parts to raise the retaining arm for the battery tray, or you remove the retaining arm entirely and hack together your own solution with velcro straps. Or, just bite the bullet and use the largest 3S pack that will fit the out-of-box tray. The best I could find is a 3S 1300mah Gens Ace that fits like it was made for it. That's still plenty for 11 or 12 minutes of full on hooning, or half an hour of on-and-off trail trucking.

The 14210 monster truck follows on the design of the 1:14 scale street bashers with a similar flat metal chassis plate design with a wheelbase a couple cm longer than the 1:16 scale trucks. It has a LOT more space for the battery, and it can fit 3S 2000mah packs or 2S 3000mah packs out-of-the-box. The servo is no longer parked under the ESC, and can be separately upgraded without taking the whole thing apart. RX has been moved into a dedicated waterproof box. Tires are slightly larger than the 1:16 scale trucks. All welcome updates!

MJX has corrected a lot of the problems that early Youtubers identified:

  • Rear CVDs have been upgraded to sliding driveshafts anchored at both ends, no risk of a dogbone end popping out.

  • Several screws on the model have been replaced with flange head screws, where Youtubers had noted there was risk of the parts pulling off over the screw heads.

  • The "super speed mode" on the ESC has been eliminated. Looks like it's running full power right out of the box.

  • The 2S Li-Ion cylindrical batteries used in the initial release have been upgraded to regular flat-pack LiPos.

Other first impressions:

  • The shocks (metal bodies, metal caps, threaded) are large and buttery smooth for a model of this size. Out of the box, the model squats pretty low, like a Talion or similar truggy. But the kit comes with free stiffer shock springs if you want to push it up into a more traditional monster track stance.

  • The 14302 rally car had a problem where gravel could slip into the joints of the suspension arms, effectively jamming the suspension. Those gaps have been filled with solid plastic on the 14210.

  • The two included bodies (black and gold) are pre-installed with hard plastic sliders for durability.

  • The servo saver is really, really soft. It's built into the servo horn, so I'm not sure if it's adjustable. We'll see how it performs.

  • The 30 page manual is surprisingly comprehensive for an RTR Chinese import, with detailed exploded diagrams & part numbers for all subsystems on the truck.

I picked mine up on Amazon for $170, but if you're willing to wait a couple of weeks, you can find them on AliExpress from reputable sellers for about $155.

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Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego has remote controlled power wheels-style cars used to transport kids around the hospital.

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David Sosa was mistakenly arrested twice in the same county, by the same cops, on the same warrant issued decades earlier for a completely different David Sosa in another state, with different age, height, weight, and distinguishing tattoos.

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Hey folks. A question for you.

I'm RickRussell_CA on,,, and

When I saw that was coming up in the rankings, I decided that perhaps I should stake my claim here. But, as you may guess, there is already a RickRussell_CA on

It's even using the profile picture that I had originally used on It's made 1 comment (on a since deleted post) and no submissions.

I've used the "Forgot password" link and it's definitely not my account, as it doesn't recognize my email.

I understand that this is a risk under the Fediverse model, but I'm a bit worried that somebody staked this out as a way of impersonating me.

Is there any way to address this?

EDIT: admins saw this post, and banned the account. Thanks to them!

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Fascinating story of a Danish traveler who visited every country on Earth, only by land and boat.

Go read Radley Balko on Substack (
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He's arguably the nation's most decorated journalist on law enforcement and criminal justice issues. He was released from The Washington Post last October and moved his new original content to Substack.

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I already own all of these titles on multiple platforms, but if you're missing any of these classics, now's a good time to build out your Steam library for just a couple bucks per game.

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