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Keepa which gives a chart on every Amazon page or camelcamelcamel

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That's good old Canada.

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It's making fun of the popularity of pumkin spice stuff in certain demographics.

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Walking to a supermarket in some random country you are traveling to and getting a sim worth 10$ to go.

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That's your take reading a post talking explicitly about how a person won't be outraged about something without actually taking into consideration how the people who the issues is about feel or act?

Maybe you should stop for a moment, think over what you've said and read, and consider that many of these discrimated groups can actually think for ourselves and doesn't need to be told what to be outraged over?

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That's the spirit 🤣 The challenge is building a team with both technical and artistic know-how to build something like this.

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I mean if you're going fast enough with a pointy train, you could chop up people pretty easy. You just need to make sure that each person is a tire width apart to make sure the wheels don't lose traction. Assuming a person is roughly half a metre across and a tire is 75cm in diameter, we get 1.25m per person, so a track of 1250km for a million people. Not very long at all.

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Let's also start removing phrases with white, yellow and brown as those are used to refer to people's skin colour as well.

The only reason I would even contemplate not using blacklist or white washing is if an actual person of that skin colour says that it is not okay for them, or there's an actual consensus among people of that community that it isn't acceptable.

I can tell you as a person with brown skin, with brownie or whatever used as a derogatory name, almost everyone I know isn't even concerned with terms like brown out or brown note.

Online outrages or articles aren't an accurate depiction of reality.

Even more dangerously, shit like this drives outrage and diverts attention from actual, real issues faced by people of different races. Like not having stuff to eat or indoor plumbing or mental health infrastructure or access to health care.

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It would be cool if each buyer has a unique hash and elements of the art are AI generated (like the background or texture) using some chaotic process with the hash as the seed, so that everyone gets a unique version. I would pay maybe a couple of bucks for something like that.

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They have from some instances with questionable content but not many others without questionable content. The question is do you persecute someone because you think you would be badly affected if they commit a crime in the future, even though they haven't so far and doesn't seem to be on the path to either?

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Why stop there, why not defedrate from all NSFW communities because they could post questionable content in the future?

Edit : /s

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That's not what the poster is talking about. Whether the piracy subreddit or the lemmy community, there are strict rules about sharing copyrighted content, asking for it or posting links to it. These communities are about discussing different technologies around BitTorrent, usenet or debrid and how to leverage them to share content.

All of the above can be used for perfectly legal reasons such as sharing Linux ISOs or public domain media.

If you use those to pirate copyrighted content that's your decision.

Calling these communities illegal and blocking them is akin to schools not permitting students to use backpacks or lockers because they could be used to hide guns.

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