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Agreed, if that happened it would be a tragedy. Instead Zionists use their out-sized influence within the federal, state and local governments to ban protesting of the genocidal state of Israel calling it antisemitism.

[-] [email protected] 7 points 9 hours ago

Just your standard reactionary authoritarian stuff, plus the NYPD I'm sure prefers a mask ban.

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The ACA is a heritage foundation handout to health insurance companies (which do not provide healthcare).

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The bug meteors aren't launched ballistically, they are launched in some kind of superluminal method that isn't explained and doesn't need to be, it did bypass earths defenses however. You can see that happens because the transport ship Denise Richards is piloting literally sees it happen. In the movie the idea of Buenos Aires being a false-flag isn't supported by the text, nor the subtext.

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The "right" to Strike can't be taken away from a union anymore then the right to rebel against an unjust government can be made illegal. I fully support the union's rejection of the deal, but the idea that a union of workers can have a fundamental right stripped from is ridiculous.

[-] [email protected] 6 points 3 days ago

Jamaal isn't a fucking "squad member."

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lol I'm as anti-capitalist as the next internet leftist, and I absolutely think it would be fucking awesome if Steam were replaced by a national digital distribution service that have flat costs for publishing, and high quality standards before allowing a game to be published. Gold-digging lawsuits aren't on the path to that better world though.

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Hmm, but who would make money if they did that? Answer: Nobody in the short-term.

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10 has 2 divisors, or "subdivisions," that is not "plenty" that is 2. Thus it is false, objectively, to claim that 2 and 5 are "plenty."

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Ban credit reports in general. If you aren't allowed to ban them because of free speech or whatever, then you won't be able to ban certain components of them by the same logic.

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Can't wait to be told that he is absolutely the best possible person for the job, and that it is absurd to even think about not voting for him despite his stated views. US Democracy is so cool and great.

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Sir this is a whale meat shop.

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A pretty standard pro-environmental piece, however I do appreciate how it calls out the "German Green Party," which is obviously just an astro-turfed political party funded by the coal industry.

And of course the criticism of about the farce of Carbon Capture is spot-on.

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A growing number of Senate Democrats appear open to making it harder for migrants to seek asylum in order to secure Republican support for aiding Ukraine and Israel.

This is what the democrats stand for. Unlimited funding for the MIC and border-control, but social issues are not a priority.

Stop voting for the parties of Capital.

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