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[-] PorradaVFR 11 points 2 days ago

Difficult. To check your travel bags for ammo.

How low do we set the bar before we blame the individuals?

I’ve never discovered ammunition loose in a bag or pocket. It’s been used or put away safely. Period. Why? Because duh.

[-] PorradaVFR 13 points 2 days ago

Or just freaking empty it and only pack what you need. Its hardly difficult.

[-] PorradaVFR 20 points 2 days ago

The race to the bottom getting pretty crowded.

Easier to slither in the muck when you lack a spine I suppose.

[-] PorradaVFR 23 points 3 days ago

I was a 14-year Redditor that contributed both to them and app platforms. Nuked my account on principle because of how they decided to treat the community that built them. Nobody asked me to, I acted on my own discretion because it was (in my view) the right thing to do. Same reason I ditched Twitter.

The mods were acting on the same basis - they had supported a platform that made decisions they opposed. It wasn't in service of anything other than doing the right thing.

[-] PorradaVFR 8 points 3 days ago

Wrong about another thing.

He may have been right to vote for impeachment but that aside…like Liz Cheney another GOP stooge.

[-] PorradaVFR 1 points 3 days ago

OMGZ1!!1 yOu’RE R!tE!


[-] PorradaVFR 32 points 4 days ago

I don't know man….that much capitalization sure adds credibility to their claims.

[-] PorradaVFR 67 points 4 days ago

Momentum quite literally provided by the GOP, Reagan would be so proud.

[-] PorradaVFR 6 points 5 days ago

Is spineless turd that much of a career path in the GOP? Cruz, McConnell, DeSantis, Christie, Romney (for a time) and more bending the knee. Pathetic.

[-] PorradaVFR 10 points 1 week ago

I used to think that, it took talking to people that lost loved ones to suicide and learning more about it to feel far more empathy - imagine seeing the world without you, to picture your family happier with you gone. Utter despair where dying is the appealing option.

Yes, **if ** and that's a massive if, this was a dramatic last act it may have been malicious or selfish….or an irrational, impulsive and ultimately tragic decision.

I feel sorry for everyone involved. Its horrible.

[-] PorradaVFR 23 points 1 week ago

Boy if they can get down to 10 or 20 people Tesla is going to have a massive turnaround!


[-] PorradaVFR 9 points 2 weeks ago

A moment later I bet it was “we must protect free speech” with nary a hint of irony.

Sharks Trade Hertl (self.sanjosesharks)
submitted 2 months ago by PorradaVFR to c/[email protected]

After the news I came here to see what other fans thought and no posts in months was a bummer. Nothing about Couture missing the rest of the season, nothing about our best remaining Shark going to (ugh) Vegas.

Ugly day for Teal.

submitted 6 months ago by PorradaVFR to c/motogp

Came here excited to join a discussion about those last few laps and….no threads posted?


The battle between Pramac Ducati, KTM and factory Duc was an old school nail biter…loved it!

Not gonna post the finishers just in case but if you didn't watch it, do it!

submitted 9 months ago by PorradaVFR to c/legaladvice

It appears at least some of the indicted players in the Trump indictments in Georgia are asking to change to Federal court…but these are State charges not Federal - how could a Federal court hear the case(s) in that situation? Would it enable a potential Presidential pardon which does not apply to State charges otherwise?

Is this a back door way to dodge the charges?

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