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This is the same clown that released a Neo-Nazi campaign video right?

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That's not true, Tesla has figured out manufacturing and does so profitably. Unlike any other American based car manufacturer, Tesla is making a profit per unit and they do not rely on legacy ice vehicle sales to prop their balance sheets up.

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Sodium ion batteries are actually currently in production, and are in production vehicles by catl and other companies. There is an American and European company also commercializing the technology.

They are offering roughly 3,000 charge-discharge cycles, which is on par with lfp.

Battery technology for electric vehicles is moving super fast right now.

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EV batteries are actually significantly different than the batteries in your laptop or phone, and are designed to have minimal degradation over many many years of use. The coolant loops also help to moderate the temperature between cells, which eliminates problems of hot spots and the heat stress that a phone battery will experience.

For instance, my car has over 300 battery cells in it, which results in say a 100 MI Drive will only use each cell draining by about 1/3. The much lower cyclic rate on these cells results in a much longer lifespan, and the battery conditioning using liquid coolant is how they achieve that.

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I'm sure there are more than 10 sedan models available in the united states, did you look at Mercedes and bmw? They should have a few models.

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Kia, Hyundai, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes, VW, Polestar, to name a few.

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Some use the larger cells, but not all. They apparently are a bust and don't offer increased energy density like they had originally claimed.

The lfp cells come from China, and are now being heavily taxed.

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They have the premier charging network in the United States.

Unfortunately, nothing else comes close and probably won't for a few years... Like 10 years at least. The US is probably a decade behind Europe's electrification at this point, and about 75 years behind it's rail electrification.

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There is currently a huge labor shortage in the united states, particularly for engineers and skilled craft and trades people. There's no fucking way they would be able to hire 10,000, let alone 500,000 people. Hell, my company has had two engineering positions open for 2 years and we have had zero applicants. Zero!

Everybody just wants to be retired or be a social media influencer these days, with that amazing side hustle as a door dasher.

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I've read that all they're doing is diluting the current shares, so in essence the current shareholders are screwing themselves over by devaluing their own shares.

Pretty dumb

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Tessa was in San francisco, not delaware. Delaware was only for incorporation and tax purposes.

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Cocaine, ha! Such amateurs.

My city sells that much weight in fentanyl per week!


Oldie but goodie, the YouTube algorithm just blessed me with this 17 year old music video.


The first commercial PV solar product was nah just in 1909.

See story above, and original article in Modern Electrics magazine in 1909:


Since people didn't read past the headline, the article is about a startup company in 1905 that developed a commercial electrical solar panel by 1909 and was worth 160 million in today's money.

In 1909, the inventor of the solar panel was kidnapped and ordered by his kidnappers to destroy all information about this solar panel. He was eventually released, although he did not destroy the solar panel or his documentation, he did shut down his company.

So this is a pretty fascinating development considering that at this time period we actually did have early production electric cars that were manufactured in larger quantities than gas vehicles, and now we learn that solar panels were commercially available, at least for a short time.

And the solar panels could generate a fair amount of electricity:

500 volts per 10 square ft, and a smaller demonstration panel that was 3 ft x 4 ft could generate 60 watts of power (10 volts @6 amps).

Additionally, the panels were designed to charge a battery backup system.


This seems like a relevant climate change related ev discussion / call to arms to fight he FUD:

#StopBurningStuff #ElectricCars #Tesla Wise to the lies? Bored of BS? Fed-up of FUD? Misinformation about Electric Vehicles and Clean Energy is at an all-time high. Vested interests have almost limitless funds with which to pollute public discourse, and it's easy to feel powerless to prevent that. With your help that can change.

The Fully Charged SHOW and FairCharge are coming together to #StopBS and to combat this '*fear, uncertainty and doubt' through fast-turnaround infographic rebuttals, proactively placing spokespeople on mainstream media, and engaging with political influencers. Your financial support via Patreon can make a material difference, as we persuade people to #StopBurningStuff.

We need your support to turn the tide of negativity, and spread the positive energy that is the lived experience of millions of EV drivers all around the world. This movement will be powered by people.


A report says “fuel” for EVs cost more than gasoline. Was it prepared by a bunch of orangutans sitting in front of computers? No, it was done by Anderson Economic Group.


Spotted in the wild in Portland - I talked to the driver who is using it for regular delivery work. Now I see him every week at the fast charger in downtown. Pretty cool stuff!


Saw this car a while back - first Subaru EV I've seen on the roads!


Critics condemn superintendent Mike Miles’s ‘new education system’ that removes students’ access to books

The largest school district in Texas announced its libraries will be eliminated and replaced with discipline centers in the new school year.

Houston independent school district announced earlier this summer that librarian and media-specialist positions in 28 schools will be eliminated as part of superintendent Mike Miles’s “new education system” initiative.

Teachers at these schools will soon have the option to send misbehaving students to these discipline centers, or “team centers’” – designated areas where they will continue to learn remotely.

News of the library removals comes after the state announced it would be taking over the district, effective in the 2023-24 school year, due to poor academic performance. Miles was appointed by the the Texas Education Agency in June.

In a press release announcing the schools participating in the “new education system” program, Miles said: “I am overwhelmingly proud that this many HISD school leaders are ready to take bold action to improve outcomes for all students and eradicate the persistent achievement and opportunity gaps in our district.”

Lisa Robinson, a librarian retired from the school district, told local news outlet KPRC2 that her “heart is just broken for these children that are in the [NES] schools that are losing their librarians”.

Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, condemned the district’s move and said the solution to the problem of behavioral conduct was not to revoke access to books, especially in these underserved communities.

He said: “Are there students who need additional support? Yes, and I am 100% supportive of that. But it’s not an eithe/or. You don’t close the libraries, remove the librarians, and simply have the books on the shelf. What about all the other students? What are you saying to them?”

He added: “With all due respect to the superintendent, I grew up in this city. I still live in the same neighborhood that exists. I am the mayor of this city, and I am the mayor of every person who lives in the city of Houston.”

He urged schools to open up libraries to avoid creating a two-tier system within the district, as well as providing additional support to students who need it.

The Houston independent school district did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


I recommend everybody watch the video or read the article, crazy but unsurprising shit out of Russia again. What a bleak country.

Moscow got hit (

Looks like some drones blew up a few buildings in Moscow


Foreign LLC continues to acquire land in California critical to energy and national defense.

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KGO) -- The United States Air Force is investigating a company that's purchased $800 million of land near Travis Air Force Base, one of the most critical military bases in the U.S. But after eight months of investigation, government officials have been unable to identify who's behind it nor rule out any threat to national security.

Flannery LLC was founded 4 and 1/2 years ago and was registered to a Washington DC-based law firm.

There is no information about the actual ownership of this LLC. The previous Reddit thread from 4 years ago has some interesting tidbits of information that you may be interested in reading in addition to the new article.

What's additionally interesting is that the land that they acquired around Travis Air Force Base will be bayfront property with future sea level increases of between 3 to 5 ft. NOAA has predicted the sea level increase will blow by that with a 7.2 ft average global sea level rise by 2100.

So either we have a secretive Chinese back shell company acquiring critical infrastructure and land for spying on American military assets, or a very optimistic wealthy investor with way too much money and is getting creative in what kind of investment schemes they park their money in.


Interesting analysis of the kirch bridge attack from a few days ago. Include some interesting video as well as photographic satellite footage of the drones.

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