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It's definitely disgusting, but wasteful? I'd argue it's the opposite since you're also eating the skin and head.

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This is definitely a bit lol

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The gov's entire system is fucked. They haven't even gotten rid of the centuries old constitution written by slave owners and teenagers yet lol.

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yeah, the screenreader is fine.

Clearly not.

i can't check your source. but i doubt

Yeah go fuck yourself lol

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I think the entire world has understood that by now, if the last 70 years weren't enough.

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blows me away that many left-leaning individuals want to help support their backwards culture of misogyny

If you're left-leaning too, I'd suggest looking at this through the wider lens of European/US Imperialism/Capitalism/Colonialism and how it keeps the global south from making economic or societal progress even after colonialism supposedly 'ended' in 1997 (not that long ago). Second Thought, Hakim, and Yugopnik make great videos on the topic.

Religion does certainly play a role in misogyny, but it's nothing that can't be overcome in a non-oppressive society imo.

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It already is

Only for the ruling class of capitalist corporations and their owners though.

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Jews are the natives

A war 1400 years ago does not justify colonizing and slaughtering natives right now. Surely you can see how fucked up that is?

By that logic, can African Americans or Chinese Americans return to their respective continents, occupy an entire country by displacing its current population, and claim it as their ancestral land? How delusional.

And since when is "the period of Judah" an accurate historical reference point?

Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism, was just a racist colonizer, and saw it as bringing 'civilization' to 'barbarians' as the rest of Europe did when they were colonizing and enslaving Africa and Asia:

"We should there form a portion of a rampart of Europe against Asia, an outpost of civilization as opposed to barbarism. We should as a neutral State remain in contact with all Europe, which would have to guarantee our existence." Source [II]

That is exactly what's happening right now. All for European and US military and economic interests in the region; for their ruling class of capitalist corporations at least.

Israel is just a modern western colony committing genocide on natives. It's keeping the middle-east divided and preventing them from uniting against the Imperial core.

Gaza has been an open-air prison trapping the natives the whole time. And you're trying to deny their right to fight back against colonizers and settlers? They're literally openly colonizing the West Bank right now with their whole "Area C" garbage. It's disgusting.

want to help support their backwards culture of misogyny

Jesus christ, the US and Europe are the ones constantly keeping the Middle East at war to keep oil cheap and military profits high, and keeping them from making societal progress. And I'm saying that as an ex-Muslim. This is literally British colonialist era racist thinking of seeing 'the other side' as barbarians.

The PFLP, the second largest Palestinian liberation group after Fatah, calls for a secular Palestinian state where Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc. will live together in peace. Modern Fatah even accepts a two-state solution (and they have every right not to).

Only Hamas is mixing up Zionists with Jews, and that's entirely because of Israel and the Imperial core's constant oppression, displacement, and now genocide of the natives.

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I'm not a USian (un?)fortunately but I appreciate the sentiment.

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is not manifesting itself today

Are you blind? US sending billions of dollars to Israeli military so they can colonize Palestine and kill and displace hundreds of thousands of natives isn't enough for you? Does Joe Biden himself have to spell it out for you?

what's your verdict on West-Berlin's situation between 1961 and 1989 then?

What the fuck does a 30 year period where 140 people died in Berlin in confrontations between the US and GDR have to do with this?

US involvement? If that's your point, you could bring up the Vietnam or Iraq wars where US invasions left 60k and 300k civilians dead respectively. The Berlin situation isn't even comparable to the rest of the shit the US and Europe are responsible for.

But sure, the GDR should've just let the US and FRG keep using West Berlin as a base of operations for spying on and sabotaging the Eastern Bloc. Even knowing how that ends.

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